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Dec 4, 2014
Aug 31, 2009
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from And then there were none...

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Dec 4, 2014
    1. Dogfish44
      This is a "Welcome back, where were you hiding?" message brought to you by one crazy dogfish at 2:40 AM.
    2. Venser
      hey, me vs. dummy007 is about as inactive as you can get :P let me know if you want me to grab a subref
    3. Its_A_Random
      Hi, I'm giving you an extra day to get your actions in to avoid been DQed. Just So You Know for next time you log on...
    4. Dummy007
      Have you sent the reffing for my match vs. Venser to Engineer Pikachu yet?
    5. MK Ultra
      MK Ultra
      See my previous VM.
      Please stop going over DQ 9.9
    6. Dogfish44
      Bouncy (Marill) was apparently in battle when we traded, and has some counters for you to claim (Just link this post)
    7. MK Ultra
      MK Ultra
      It's your turn in the tag battle.
    8. iss
      Hey, NJigglypuff posted our battle.
    9. Dummy007
      Would you mind if I dropped our battle? No one's offered to ref it since I accepted, and I'd really like my new members to get some experience.
    10. Engineer Pikachu
      Engineer Pikachu
      You are correct. However, the chance of becoming fully paralyzed degrades by 5% at the end of each round; that's what the % is for. 20% Paralysis means that there is a 20% that the Pokemon will become fully paralyzed the next turn. I think you just forgot to update "Taunted for 5 more actions, 25% Paralysis, +1 Speed" since it should be "Taunted for 2 more actions, 20% Paralysis, +2 Speed" at the end of round 2.
    11. Engineer Pikachu
      Engineer Pikachu
      ah, a problem that I missed in your reffing. You may want to just have "20% PRZ, +2 Spe" instead of attempting to cancel them out; as long as a Pokemon is paralyzed (no matter the percentage), its speed is reduced to 25%.
    12. Venser
      Interested in your Slowpoke, check out my profile. I can also make purchases.
    13. Terrador
      I'm rather interested in that Slowpoke of yours, and I'd like to trade you Mia the Shiny Minccino for it: I can't fit it on a VM, so it's in my profile: http://www.smogon.com/forums/showpost.php?p=3474168&postcount=220 It's currently in a battle where it's unlikely to get any KO's, so it'll be 2 EC/2 MC/3 DC by the time we trade. VM back if you're interested, or get on IRC.
    14. Dummy007
      Zweilous is fine. I have something that can handle it.
    15. Dummy007
      I would prefer an LC legal match, since I have a Pokemon on the verge of evolution. If that's all right with you, of course.
    16. Terrador
      Your Battle Hall thread is up; post at will.
    17. Dummy007
      I accepted your Aperture Science challenge, but I have one question: What stage Pokemon are we using for this? Strongest, LC Legal, Middle Cup Legal, etc.
    18. Venser
      Right, missed that. Doing that asap.
    19. Nightmare Jigglypuff
      Nightmare Jigglypuff
      "So right now, I guess I'll grant another moment to search for more tutor refs just in case. Tomorrow (NOTE: after class), I'll set this up for Apprentice Refs to post, and that may be a day or two depending on how much we get. Afterward, we'll start!

      To "apply", just post saying you wanna be a Tutor Ref (hopefully... you can also signed up as a Registered Ref). All you need is a positive history of reffing (via amount and/or quality of around 5 matches) and you'll probably be in."

      Tl;dr, they are not accepting apprentice refs yet.
    20. danmantincan
      Hey, Limewire is correct that your Marowak only deals 9.5 damage to my Dragonite.
      8+(3-2)x1.5 = 9.5 Damage
      Anyways, can you post your actions since Durant is still going to be battling against Dragonite, even with changes.
    21. Dummy007
      It's up! Send out your two Pokemon, please.
    22. Destiny Warrior
      Destiny Warrior
      shadow come back on IRC, you got an oponent :)
    23. Limewire
      oohh sorry about that. I missed it :P
    24. TravelLog
      you sent out LESLIE, not GUARDIA... prob need to redo your actions...
    25. Venser
      your action in the battle
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