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Jul 11, 2011
May 5, 2011
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sharingan78 was last seen:
Jul 11, 2011
    1. Wildfire
      I'll be at camp for 4 weeks so I won't be able to trade. Not that I can trade. (wifi still down)
    2. labarith
      I'm afraid BowWave's Alomomola is male, sorry. :(
    3. Zoap
      We keep missing each other! I have really weird hours but how bout we set a time for Friday? How does 2:00pm(PST I don't know what timezone you're on) work for you? Let me know I should be around all day Friday as its my day off.
    4. Wildfire
      I've rnged the pokemon, now it's more of figuring ouit how to get wifi.
    5. stephenjm
      I am available now and will be tomorrow
    6. uber effective
      uber effective
      Check out my Growlithe giveaway, I will also do a t-tar giveaway.
      They have good ivs and egg moves.
    7. christos21
      When can you trade?It has to be before this saturday because i'll go away for holidays.
    8. Dragon-Shinobi
      No problem, could you clone my EV'd Ferrothorn, and Victini? As payment you can keep a copy of the Ferrothorn and Victini (which are redis).
    9. Dragon-Shinobi
      Sharingan! You never reply to me anymore ): Can you do some cloning for me please?
    10. Dark Ray
      Dark Ray
      Sure, i'll grab it and head on wifi.
    11. stephenjm
      Sorry, I'm at my mom's now. I finished it at my aunt's, and would have been able to trade now. But now I really have no idea when I can trade it :( Because I don't know if I'll be able to go to my dad's this week and we are going on another vacation soon...I'll let you know if I get to my dad's.
    12. Dark Ray
      Dark Ray
      Mantyke is done:
      Calm. Water Absorb.
      31/26/31/30/30/30 (HP Flying 70!)
      Lvl 44 Male Mantyke.
      You can trade, others can't.
    13. christos21
      can you receive the cresselia now?
    14. Zoap
      can't unfortunately will be out of town till Monday XD.

      we'll just have to do it then, sorry its taking so long to get it to you.
    15. Zoap
      Do you want to get your Modest Tentacool right now?
    16. Dark Ray
      Dark Ray
      I can do that BP but it would be easier for me to do it as a mantyke CP if you don't mind.
      EDIT: and what nature do you want? Calm I guess?
      EDIT2: and which HP flying spread would you prefer? there's 31/X/31/30/30/30 and 30/X/30/30/30/31.
    17. stephenjm
      I'll be on wifi for a few hours
    18. stephenjm
      Hey, finished the miltank :D
      It was very hard since if I messed up, I had to start completely over finding a new SSF and everything because I had to save right before I hatched the egg to see if it was right. But this one was shiny in my game, so it shouldn't be in your game.
      PM when you are available.
    19. Zoap
      thats fine I should be on later today as well, just shoot me a VM if you see me on.
    20. Zoap
      I don't know if you saw my other message back on 6/30 but I finished your Non Shiny Modest Flawless Tentacool with Giga Drain and it's ready to be picked up. I need you to shoot me which 4th gen FC you want me to use, and I'll let you know what I want to spend my 10 credits on in your thread(it will prob be later).
    21. christos21
      When can you receive the cresselia?My time zone is gmt +3.Could you also tell me yours?
    22. stephenjm
      Oh my god, I forgot about it! I'm on vacation, but I'll try to do it tonight.
    23. Dragon-Shinobi
      Hey man, can I use one of my credits for cloning?
    24. Aviator99
      ok, i'll get online now
    25. Aviator99
      don't worry about those, i have them on my game. but otherwise are you finished?
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