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  • oh and there is a decent amount of timbit-munchers on smogon, which i thought was funny :P
    woah ! sounds like an epic road trip, i wish i could do something like that and meet fellow comepetivie pokeman nerds. Hope you take some epic pictures :D And clearly hope you do well xD
    I'll be online, but as a rule, I'm not giving more than 6 Pokemon out to people. It's just to stop people from taking advantage of the fact that I'm giving Pokemon out for free. Not that I'm saying you are - I just have to draw the line somewhere, you know?
    your from ontario competting in the vgcs, (jealous) going to the states for a vacation ?
    No problem! That was definitely one of the smoothest trades I've done, so thanks for being so easy to work with. :)
    Enjoy the Pokemon and good luck in the tournament next week!
    Ah, thanks for checking in! I'm not at home at the moment so I can't trade. And I can't guarantee I'll have time to trade to trade until Saturday. :( I'm leaving and will be stopping by my house briefly though, so if you are ready to trade and can meet me online in precisely 30 minutes, I can try to trade with you quickly!
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