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Apr 30, 2014
Apr 25, 2010
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Smogon's fantastical fun-guy., Male, from MI, USA

Just as an FYI to all: Lots of real-life stuff happening lately: new job, moving and such. I won't have much time to be on the forums :( Apr 24, 2014

Shroomisaur was last seen:
Apr 30, 2014
    1. Lucalibur
      dude, i already saw male blissey orgy, trust me i am used to this kind of stuff.
    2. Lucalibur
      no fucking idea. but if gamefreak dont add a male only evo i am gonna get mad and have nightmares....serious, male gardevoir was enough for me....
    3. Lucalibur
      he will regret not getting a dawn stone when he had the chance.
    4. Lucalibur
      yeah now that you mention the pic show up right after he did the hehe post. i am really suspecting that guy.
    5. Lucalibur
      felt like you deserved a special mention before anything else. here is the thing.

      5 minutes after we got the news that the glothic bitch can be male on the BW thread i checked the hentai site i visit and found male hentai of that thing....there was only female until that time, do you know what that means? someone here on smogon is a hentai artist.
    6. Emperor
      posted some pics for dark dawn in the golden sun group and topic
    7. Emperor
      oh god, that first move sucked. Rock slide miss into ice beam freeze >.>
      and then meta gets crit haxed and yawn seals the deal on you. <.<
      Can't help but feel sorry for you there :(
    8. Emperor
      If you can, 56-38280-36191 on wifi battle videos. It's Battle Factory stuff so obviously those aren't the pokes/sets I'd normally use :P
    9. T-major
      I understand, now that you've explain how you view evolutions. seems perfectly reasonable; sorry I bummed on your opinions earlier and whatnot. I'd label it as a simple case of mixed viewpoints/me just not getting it.

      I, personally, just can't understand how a design of an old Pokemon (which remains completely unchanged) is somehow no longer good because of a new, completely optional evolution that you aren't forced to use. it's like not wearing a shirt you really like, just because it'll get mustard stains on it if you eat a hot dog. don't eat a hot dog while wearing it, and you can wear that nice shirt. at least that's how I see it... just letting you know where I'm coming from with this, for a better understanding between us.
    10. Yakekuso
      Thanks for accepting the request ^_^
    11. Emperor
      I see you're liking the samurai mijumaru :P
    12. Emperor
      Is that supposed to be a take on Ononokusu as your pic? The side blades are the same.
    13. Jonathan
      Glad you enjoyed the log! The Latias was gonna use Roar that turn so it had negative priority :)
    14. abaddon
      Ready now
    15. Steeler
      unfortunately i cannot clone, unless the GTS thing where you turn the game off at a certain time still works. but i haven't tried that in a while...
    16. Steeler
      hey shroomisaur. could you possibly trade me a copy of nailo's ditto while you are online?
    17. StealthX
      Hi. I just wanted to say I'm sorry about that post. I wasn't trying to make you or anyone else look/feal bad. Sometimes I make really stupid posts, and don't realize that 'til later. Sorry again!
    18. Synre
      I am originally, yes
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    MI, USA
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    Nott A. Vailable
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    Likes to relax
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    0389 1057 3667
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