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May 19, 2014
Mar 19, 2010
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May 19, 2014
    1. Lawliett
      It is not currently possible to do non C Gear Abuse with DSi. You can still do C Gear abuse though.
    2. Bakus
      XD - Rave Master fan? Haha :P
    3. Bakus
      LOL! I've read the manga (or am reading it) but from the looks of things, it'll be another long series, haha. Not sure yet myself if I'm going to keep at it..Naruto, One Piece, Hajime (started..anime was better imo), are already taking enough time. I do try to keep up with Bleach too since I already started on them, haha. They're not exactly great manga reads...but when you've already dedicated yourself this far, haha.

      What got you into it?
    4. COKTAL
      Hey, I have to go for a little while. What you need to do is take note of the second/delay that it tells you once you input the IVs and click find. Get 3 or 4 results, and PM me all of them. I'll try and be back on in a few hours. Sorry for the short notice.
    5. Aquarius
      Ok then you have your cloner=D
    6. Aquarius
      Can I make a copies for me?
    7. Aquarius
      Hi I read that you're looking for a cloner=) I'm applying for the job:) I have an AR so I can clone really fast and as many clones as you need
    8. Icy Vegeta
      Icy Vegeta
      No problem.
    9. Icy Vegeta
      Icy Vegeta
      Credits are pretty much I Owe Yous. In other words lets say you want a Pokemon from my thread but I dont need anything. I would ask for a credit or a couple for one. In return, if I need anything from you in the future I could request it or get it from you.
    10. Setirii
      did your internets go out
    11. Wally92
      yea im in another battle.
    12. Wally92
      lmao ok. wen we do ill use another team. using the same one is boring.
    13. Wally92
      gyarados also had taunt but i had forgotten to use it. plus i was trying to see which move would hurt slowking more =/ oh well
    14. Wally92
      yea idc if the d/c happend. its good u warned me.
    15. Fiction.
      Yeah, it was fun for the most part.

      I'm just posting this here so I don't spam up the thread with gg's and stuff since I'm not looking for another battle or anything.
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    SS FC: 0904 6164 6326
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    Warning for those who wish to battle. My internet flucuates at times, so if I disconnect, it isn't on purpose.
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