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Oct 26, 2016 at 1:55 AM
Dec 12, 2009
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Into the New World

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We wished on these stars, they were ours, they remind me of you~ Jul 15, 2016

SilentVerse was last seen:
Oct 26, 2016 at 1:55 AM
    1. FelixMinamimoto
      Of course! I actually went to my old UU team today to build for the tournament and...I had 2 BL Pokemon in there. So the extra day to build and test a team helps XD
    2. FelixMinamimoto
    3. FelixMinamimoto
      I can do that.
    4. FelixMinamimoto
      I neglected to mention that Friday is the worst possible day to battle because I have a ton of things going on that day school-wise and such. Saturday work for you? I can go on PO when I get home on Friday and see if you're still there but I can't guarantee anything.
    5. FelixMinamimoto
      I'm GMT-5/EST, and I'm on most nights after 6:30. I can try to get on based on whenever you are free though. Tomorrow won't work because I'm running a fighting game tutorial session with a bunch of people for a long time, but after that I should be golden.
    6. Oglemi
      Yeah that sounds good
    7. Oglemi

      Ok here were my thoughts on the analysis as a whole:

      Scarf Lead = fine, maybe rewrite
      Combine Lead and Support sets
      Rewrite Weather Support
      Rewrite Trick Room
      maybe rewrite SubCM
      Get rid of the Choice sets (CB and Specs)
      Expand on OO
      Cut down on Checks and Counters
    8. Snorlaxe
      haha okay, i'll post in the thread saying that im taking over. good luck with registeel!
    9. Snorlaxe
      hey, are you planning on working on this any time soon, because if not i would be happy to write it up!
    10. Oglemi
      oh hey silentverse, spiritomb got it's second gp just fyi
    11. -Terywj-
      Hey man, long time no see. I've been getting into B/W UU with Wrath, if you remember him from SWF. Was wondering if you have some general tips, because I'm pretty unfamiliar, and I remember that you played DPPt UU.
    12. Oglemi
      It probably would have to go through QC, so I'll VM uragg and Bluewind to come and QC it.

      Also, if you want to keep Perish Trap go ahead, but that would need to be completely rewritten too.
    13. Oglemi
      You're so awesome

      OK Mismagius:

      Combine the two Nasty Plot sets
      Re-write SubCM
      Attacking Lead and Choice probably don't have to be rewritten, but you might want to go through them and update them if need be
      Delete Perish Trap and Sub + Destiny Bond
      Rewrite OO
      Cut down Checks and Counters
    14. Oglemi
      Yeah go ahead. I miss Flashdriver already... :(
    15. Oglemi
      lol 8 paragraphs? I think that just means you're writing too much. ^.^
    16. Oglemi
      Hey I know you're busy kicking ass on the ladder, but don't forget you still have Volbeat and Spiritomb to do.

      kk wuv you
    17. MikeDecIsHere
      thats cool with me
    18. MikeDecIsHere
      yo, when you want to play for B/W UU tourney?
    19. franky
      congratulations man!
    20. Oglemi
      Did I mention that I love you?
    21. Oglemi
    22. dela_Cruz
    23. dela_Cruz
      Thanks for the registeel!
    24. dela_Cruz
      Deal! When can you trade? I'll use your DP FC and you use this FC: 4427 0454 6921
      VM back when you can trade
    25. dela_Cruz
      Thank you, I'll take the registeel! Feel free to give me the info on the registeel whenever you want. Also what did you want in return because the 10 credits were for the CPs.
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