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Jun 1, 2015 at 6:46 PM
Dec 12, 2009
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Into the New World

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SilentVerse was last seen:
Jun 1, 2015 at 6:46 PM
    1. Hot N Cold
    2. Hot N Cold
      Hot N Cold
      surskitt ^-^
    3. EonX
      If I didn't know better, I'd say someone is excited/happy lol.
    4. fatty
      alright thanks for being so cool about it dude
    5. fatty
      yea i rly dont wanna be a dick, but once i got espeon back in it was pretty much game, plus i had agiliken on deck to pass a cm to if need be. if it wasn't so late in the game itd definitely be a different story, but if you don't mind i'll probably take the win... :/
    6. fatty
      um yea.. my laptop just completely crashed on me
    7. fatty
      hey can we play on ps? my po keeps freezing up today when i try and load a team
    8. fatty
      sorry just missed your vm. Ill try and be on the rest of the night to get this done
    9. fatty
      Any time before 2 and after 8 gmt-5
    10. fatty
      yeah Friday sounds good
    11. fatty
      you wanna play now?
    12. Pako
      Hi man, are you ready? I'm on grotto
    13. Pako
      Ok, I think I can play at 10pm , I'll be on a bit more early if appear some improvisation ( Idk if the last part is well written xD)
    14. Pako
      Ok, we have 9 hours of difference. Tell me an hour you can play today and I'll be there.
    15. Pako
      Tell me the city where you live and I'll see your timezone
    16. Pako
      What time is 3 pm MST? I'm gmt +2 now, tell me what hour is in my timezone xD.
    17. Pako
      Sorry, I forgot completly our battle because I was studying all day. Tell me a new day and hour and I'll write the date in my phone xD.
    18. Omicron
      Anybody miss me much? :p
    19. Omicron
      Trophy :)
    20. Pako
      I can play Sunday if you want, I guess I'll be available all day. 17:00 gmt +1 would be fine to me.
    21. Icicle Fissh
      Icicle Fissh
      Awesome, reborn server? I'm there now :]
      EDIT: gg, wp, and gl in the future rounds :)
    22. Icicle Fissh
      Icicle Fissh
      I've waited up for as long as possible, we could try tomorrow, but it is after the deadline :>
    23. Icicle Fissh
      Icicle Fissh
      Awesome, I'll stay up late tonight then, 12am GMT+1, 5pm MST, I think Grotto is still down, so, is reborn server cool? I look forward to it :]
    24. Icicle Fissh
      Icicle Fissh
      7pm MST is 2am for me x.x as I also have exams this week (and next), I don't think I can be staying up that late :/ I could stay up a bit later, or wake up a bit earlier (on days I don't have exams) in order to play. Do you think we could do 5pm MST if I stayed up a bit, or Midnight MST, if I woke up at 7am? Are you not free during the day at all? :>
    25. Icicle Fissh
      Icicle Fissh
      Smogon being down has been ugh. The grotto is still down (or at least the connection has timed out every time I have tried). We could try a different PO server, HGSS UU on PO main seems to be the same thing. I am on study leave, I know the deadline was yesterday, but I guess there should be a bit of allowance because of the DDoS and stuff. See if we can play asap :>
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