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Last Activity:
Dec 1, 2015 at 1:16 AM
Dec 12, 2009
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Into the New World

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SilentVerse was last seen:
Dec 1, 2015 at 1:16 AM
    1. rileydelete
      I'll be around and on PS! for most of the evening. :) PM me whenever for our Ubers match :)
    2. Lolk
      Hey were battling for the nu open :) im on #neverused a lot, but i have one more team to build. We should get this done nevertheless
    3. rileydelete
      Oh, holy cow! You're a SPL winner. I just lost all confidence in our upcoming battle o_O
      1. SilentVerse
        xD. Don't worry, I got that trophy for playing RU haha, not Ubers :p
        Sep 2, 2013
    4. Windsong
      so yeah idgi but i want my stuff back lol!
    5. Windsong
      i actually don't know what he's referring to tbh

      i mean my only posts in the last month have been the completely legitimate, and if slightly inflammatory in nature, not problematic afaik with the possible exception of a joke regarding kokoloko that anybody who even remotely understands my relationship with koko would see was a joke
    6. Windsong
      so yeah i'm trying to sort things out with bloo and haunter atm
    7. Windsong
      i'm actually not sure what happened - i just logged on this morning and all my shit was gone

      i didn't even do anything bad v_v
    8. Nelson
      i see ur on :o now is also alright since i'd be cool if i could avoid the 6 am wake up n_n i'll be on irc anyway :)
    9. Iminyourcloset
      Surskit bros 4 lyfe <3
    10. -Sparkbeat-
      I can play right now. I'll be on ori as She Leads Us. If that doesn't work for you I'll be open all day Sunday, and I'll be on irc.
    11. Metal Sonic
      Metal Sonic
      Hey, we're opponents for the RU Open round 1! lol you're going to be tough

      I'm GMT +8 and you can find me on irc~
    12. Vinc2612
      M Dragon has connection issues with the forum, can you come on IRC as soon as you can? He is often on #frontier
    13. Hot N Cold
    14. Hot N Cold
      Hot N Cold
      surskitt ^-^
    15. EonX
      If I didn't know better, I'd say someone is excited/happy lol.
    16. fatty
      alright thanks for being so cool about it dude
    17. fatty
      yea i rly dont wanna be a dick, but once i got espeon back in it was pretty much game, plus i had agiliken on deck to pass a cm to if need be. if it wasn't so late in the game itd definitely be a different story, but if you don't mind i'll probably take the win... :/
    18. fatty
      um yea.. my laptop just completely crashed on me
    19. fatty
      hey can we play on ps? my po keeps freezing up today when i try and load a team
    20. fatty
      sorry just missed your vm. Ill try and be on the rest of the night to get this done
    21. fatty
      Any time before 2 and after 8 gmt-5
    22. fatty
      yeah Friday sounds good
    23. fatty
      you wanna play now?
    24. Pako
      Hi man, are you ready? I'm on grotto
    25. Pako
      Ok, I think I can play at 10pm , I'll be on a bit more early if appear some improvisation ( Idk if the last part is well written xD)
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