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May 26, 2017 at 10:11 PM
Apr 8, 2010
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Dec 31, 1992 (Age: 24)
Isla Nublar; Dinosaurs, fuck yeah!
Professional slob


formerly Doran Dragon, Male, 24, from Isla Nublar; Dinosaurs, fuck yeah!

I'm back baybee and better than ever. CAP here I come. May 18, 2017

SilvanRaptor was last seen:
Viewing forum ASB, May 26, 2017 at 10:11 PM
    1. Dummy007
      It's your turn to issue actions against The Wanderer and Orcinus Duo.
    2. Orcinus Duo
      Orcinus Duo
      Have we broken the record for lowest damage output in our match?
      Doran Derp
    3. Orcinus Duo
      Orcinus Duo
      Match is up. Bring it.
    4. Rocket Grunt
      Rocket Grunt
      ahh yo thats ill
      are the two like kyogre/groudon gijinkas?
      anatomy is so hard arrrrgh
      but thats a sick reference
      do you know who made it?
    5. Rocket Grunt
      Rocket Grunt
      yeah dude people can be really hard
      i usually had a habit of only drawing dudes or only drawing girls
      and whichever one i was drawing more of at the time, i was really shitty at drawing the other sex haha
      i suck at backgrounds too, i keep just concentrating on only the characters arrrgh
      i didnt see your r&s though, which board are they on?
      i gotta get back to mo more often, i suck haha
    6. Rocket Grunt
      Rocket Grunt
      thanks so much dude
      but thats not true though, i really dig your pokemon design ideas!!
      we all have stuff that we want to work on personally in drawing
      but i think youre doing a kick ass job man
    7. Rocket Grunt
      Rocket Grunt
      yeah dude i couldnt believe we were not buddies already haha
    8. Orcinus Duo
      Orcinus Duo
      Communist as in the economic system?
      Nah, socialist in the rural areas and capitalist in cities
    9. Orcinus Duo
      Orcinus Duo
      School so boring
      I have chill teachers so they don't give about me screwing around on my phone
    10. Orcinus Duo
      Orcinus Duo
      Gen 4 brought us broboboss.

      Everything else sucking I can live with
    11. Orcinus Duo
      Orcinus Duo
      Gen 4 shant be mentioned?
    12. Orcinus Duo
      Orcinus Duo
      lmao shitto
      unova the best. :D
    13. Orcinus Duo
      Orcinus Duo
      9.9 people who preach emoism
      pearl, or diamond i forgot.

      i didn't do any work today 9.9
    14. Orcinus Duo
      Orcinus Duo
      Can I just say that I laughed really god damn hard at that

      i can't find the goddamn gym in my nuzlocke help 9.9
    15. SilvanRaptor
      Someone once said that Life is meaningless. that we as individuals have no real purpose in life. I heard that quote and I agreed.

      Difference is, most people would see that and feel its a negative thing. "I have nothing to live for, so I shouldnt live at all" is the common oppinion of those who agree with the above statement.

      "Life is meaningless, so I'll live for the ride. See where it takes me and have my share of fun and work, happiness and depression, fear and love."
      This is my oppinion. Live for the sake of living, rather than die for the sake of dying.
    16. Orcinus Duo
      Orcinus Duo

      oh my god
    17. Orcinus Duo
      Orcinus Duo
      heh k
      ferroseed smoking cigarette
    18. Orcinus Duo
      Orcinus Duo
      if you do can i use it as my avatar? :D
    19. Orcinus Duo
      Orcinus Duo
      Yeah but nobody expects someone to bring a ferroseed into a FE doubles battle because it's a ferroseed and so I have the element of surprise
      you should sprite a ferroseed with sunglasses
    20. Orcinus Duo
      Orcinus Duo

      I'm going to evolve sunflora now
    21. Orcinus Duo
      Orcinus Duo
      Oh, heh, I'll counterteam then
      Wait orcinus only has 4 FEs to begin with

    22. Orcinus Duo
      Orcinus Duo
      Yeah, I'm using Mr. Mime (feel free to counterteam, I got a female Mr. Mime, she doesn't give a shit) and I need to approve something
      No, seriously. Why did they call it Mr. Mime when it's not monogender ffs lamefreak
    23. Orcinus Duo
      Orcinus Duo
      I got you a present

      ~~allllrriiightt that's slightly creepy. Anyways. ARGH so much work to do today before school starts tomorrow kill me now
    24. Dummy007
      Actually, the battle's up here. Sorry I forgot to let you know. And I'll check out that other battle.

      EDIT: Yeah, I'll take it. PM me your team.
    25. Orcinus Duo
      Orcinus Duo
      Doran Dragon: Shoot On Sight

      Go IRC, fool. Although I probably won't be on because I have a ton of work, which probably won't be doing because I'll be talking to you on--

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    Im here to dominate
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    Dec 31, 1992 (Age: 24)
    Isla Nublar; Dinosaurs, fuck yeah!
    Professional slob
    Real Name:
    Fatso Migee
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    My Characteristic:
    Loves to eat
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