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Last Activity:
Sep 5, 2010
Aug 18, 2010
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from Middletown

sintax was last seen:
Sep 5, 2010
    1. zack
      Why did you D/C?
    2. graymonkey0
      It seemed like the connection was gettin shitty near the end
    3. Trackman
      gg man, awesome sub dance kingdra, i had one waiting in the wings :)
    4. B-Zard
      Good Game dude.
    5. nyczxjay
      Nah, I don't really like rematches, especially not on the same day because then it basically comes down to how well you remember your opponent's team. And as for the whole record thing. I personally don't care, but others might and report you as a "d/c'er" on the blacklist.
    6. nyczxjay
      GG, but next time wait until you get back into the Wifi Room before you d/c. That way, your opponent still gets the win on their record while you don't have to have the loss recorded on yours. As long as you don't leave the Wifi Room and save in the Pokemon Center basement, your record will remain unchanged.

      So basically, in this battle, you d/c'ed at the "do you want to play ____ again" screen, so now we both don't have the battle recorded on our records. Which probably is good for you, but bad for your opponent. Just be a little more considerate next time.
    7. JSas
      nice d/c...
    8. SCDL
      Do you want to battle?
    9. SCDL
      I will OU battle you if you agree to my sig.
    10. elroid
      darn, i can't wait any longer for your reply. It's been 20 minutes but your status has not been updated once. Make sure you clarify it in the blacklist topic and i would take back my words and apologize if you are proven not to be hacking.
    11. elroid
      during the last battle there is at least one pokemon in it that is somewhat hacked. I don't know in what why but the reason GTS could not accept the video is because there is something wrong in the battle. i am still having the video but the same error is still there. Can you at least proof they are legal? the last time i asked you you avoided about IV hence i reported you.

      I'll battle with you tomorrow if you want again. It is 2am here and i'm going to sleep soon

      Edit: I'll still be on for around 30minutes, so i hope this matter can be set right within the time.
    12. Expert Evan
      Expert Evan
      Please clarify that in the wifi blacklist topic in full detail to the best of your knowledge.
    13. Expert Evan
      Expert Evan
    14. SelkiesFTW
      haha GG. i was like WTF when i switched my gyara into that stone edge lol
    15. SelkiesFTW
      ok im ready
    16. SelkiesFTW
      hold on, give me 10 minutes. im battling someone else. ill pm you
    17. elroid
      then how bout the IV? did you get all the pkmn by trading or catching/breeding yourself?
    18. sintax
      Nah dude all of my pokemon are EV'ed by myself, would you like to battle again just to try?
    19. elroid
      i mean by stats such as IV and EV. that is the part most people hacks
    20. sintax
      I did not use any hacked pokemon? All of the moves that they have are moves they are able to get and are from the Battle Tower
    21. elroid
      i hope this is a mistake or something. may i know whether you used any hacked pokemon for the battle just now? i tried to upload the battle video and this message keep appearing:
      "There appears to be a problem with a player's Pokemon. data was not sent"
    22. SelkiesFTW
      lol yea, id use an scarfed magmortar instead of charizard, he doesnt get raped by stealth rock, and has a nice movepool.
    23. SelkiesFTW
      haha breeloom saves the day :D all my team was weak to fire... breloom, jirachi, bronzong, lucario, foretress haha , i was happy when that scarfed charizard was gone lol .
      i was fearing that bullet punch would kill but brellom is just too pimp . :P
    24. SelkiesFTW
      oh ya, lets battle, the dude isnt coming on. see you on.
    25. takeru1
      Right, good game. By the way, mind if I ask what your Gengar was holding?
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