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Jun 22, 2008
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    1. alamaster
      lol god ur dumb, not worth wasting time arguing on...get reqs and we'll talk
    2. alamaster
      you are severely overestimating the lesser swift swimmer's abilities, just stop dude
    3. PK Gaming
      PK Gaming
      Haha seriously?

      Also, welcome to the club :D. Eagle FTW
    4. PK Gaming
    5. PK Gaming
      PK Gaming
      You should definitely do that dude.
    6. PK Gaming
      PK Gaming
      You bet! I've been using changing my avatar to different CO's every week. Want to join in on the fun?
    7. doomvendingmachine
      What did KG kick you for? >_>
    8. doomvendingmachine
    9. TheValkyries
      Oh, I didn't mean to come off as intense when I said "Enough of the analogy." The analogy was just getting overextended and I rather would've talked straight-up about the subject rather than cryptically.
    10. Warped Worlds
      Warped Worlds
      Yeah, I will try.
    11. Warped Worlds
      Warped Worlds
      I was watching your games, and team reveil was on. So I guess I made something really close to what I think you had.

      It has been working really well, so thanks. xD
    12. Warped Worlds
      Warped Worlds
      Just letting you know that I tried out your sun team, and it kicks ass! =)
    13. Chou Toshio
      Chou Toshio
      Really? I kinda like 5th Gen. Or maybe it's just that I like PO a lot more than shoddy, hard to say. Actually, I haven't really thought about my posting as having changed much. While we disagreed bitterly over the salamence thing though, I do enjoy coming across your posts.
    14. Forte.EXE
      Yo, Inconsistent got banned.
    15. Forte.EXE
      My set is pretty trollish. I'll c/p it from my RMT (go read it, fuck, almost no one has any rates for it)

      Toxicroak @ Life Orb
      Ability: Dry Skin
      Nature: Adamant (+Atk, -SpA)
      EVs: 252 Atk | 4 Def | 252 Spe
      [IMG] - Swords Dance
      [IMG] - Substitute
      [IMG] - Sucker Punch
      [IMG] - Drain Punch

      Most trollish shit ever. Substitute so they have to attack you, then punch that whore in the mouth with Sucker Punch. Drain Punch and Dry Skin ensure that you practically never run out of HP.
    16. Forte.EXE
      Been using Toxicroak for about a day now, got rid of a Dragonite (which was replacing a Gliscor). Best move I've ever made. Hard counters the typical "lol4SwiftSwimPokemon" Rain teams, fucks up Tyranitar with Drain Punch, and Hippowdon is taking >50% from from +2 Drain Punch, and if it Earthquakes, anything on my team OHKOs it, and even if it Roars, ANYTHING STILL OHKOS IT ON MY TEAM.

      You're right about everyone going "lolToxicroak" though. Seriously, every time I've brought it out, people literally stop the battle to go "lol, Toxicroak", and then they get swept.

      What set do you run on yours?
    17. Forte.EXE
      I take it, from your post in the Suspect thread, that you understand what a thread Swords Dance Toxicroak is in the Rain?
    18. Euphoria
      I counting on UU and the other suspect voters to make the right choices when it comes to UU Ive been reading the policy review so far so good thanks! (the best part when you all unanimously voted porygon-Z Borderline) can't wait till BW comes out so I can finally start a new generation and Ive been training and getting use the feel of UU soon I will become one of the best UU players.
    19. doomvendingmachine
    20. doomvendingmachine
      ROFL today PO came out with a DW uu tier. They set the ou cutoff at 5%!!!!! WTF that makes stuff like lati@s and mew uu. For comparison the cutoff was 3.41% (i think) last gen. It should have gone DOWN not up. Get on PO today, i want to lol at this with someone.
    21. doomvendingmachine
      get back on PO bruh!
    22. Forte.EXE
      That's cool. Just got onto PO myself. Been trying to work on a simple Sandstorm team. So far, got Choice Band Tyranitar and Swords Dance Balloon Doryuzu. Thinking about adding a Starmie in there, and something that can resist/negate Ground-type attacks.
    23. Forte.EXE
      How's it going?
    24. Redneck
      Aww man -_-

      I'm in your situation, it's not like I'm gonna go to a friends to play competitive Pokemon on Shoddy >_>

      And PO is waiting until I actually have my version of White until it re-launches 5th gen so I can't do any pre-gen hype battling ;_;

      Well, guess it sucks for us. =/ I'll keep you updated if I learn anything about emcodec, (I've honestly no clue how I got it since wiki said it was from adult sites, but pornographic content is blocked on my computer), so I ask you do the same.

      OH WELL. Time to sit and wait I suppose. =(
    25. Redneck
      Did you ever find a solution to shoddy website redirecting? I've tried numerous scans and cleans and nothing's helped me =/

      And I want to download Poke Lab ;_;
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