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Jun 22, 2008
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    1. MMF
      Yeah we don't need any specific dates but a lot of people do thats why i asked. But I'll be free all next week so any of that should be fine.
    2. MMF
      hey we're opponents for the UU Slam. I'm gmt -5. When's the best time for you to play?
    3. WhiteQueen
      be on in 5 mins. hold on
    4. WhiteQueen
      I'm on Showdown early waiting for you
    5. WhiteQueen
      hey can we battle now since you're online?
    6. WhiteQueen
      Hey sjcrew let's battle on Thursday at 8pm est okay? If that time is not good for you, let me know so we can coordinate
    7. WhiteQueen
      Okay I will be on tonight and of you're on we will battle. Of not Thursday it is
    8. WhiteQueen
      Hey you gonna be on around 9pm way tonight right?
    9. WhiteQueen
      Ok Tuesday it is
    10. WhiteQueen
      Yo nigga, let's battle on Sunday night est time? If not I'm available on Monday to Friday from 6pm to 10pm
    11. Mazz
      If you want, I can do this on either PO 2.0 or 1.6. It doesn't have to be showdown.
    12. Double01
      sjcrew get on #genvuu ur my last opponent for uu mafia i have to beat! im going to be one like 8 am -2 pm gmt -5!
    13. Noblesse Oblige
      Noblesse Oblige
      Hi, when can we play for Slumming in UU tourney?
    14. Aurora
      this is absolutely adorable
    15. DLM
      I will add you tomorrow sometime, bro. And I wanted to give you a thank you, SJC. Thanks for being a bro. Thanks for being honest. And thank you for keeping it always straight up; being a role model for me as Earthworm is for me. I've had a lot of friendships revealed to me recently, and unfortunately made me feel not so comfortable... But when I see those like you, EW, Soarin, Woodchuck, etc. keep it 100 as not even hesistate to do what's right...? Even with your neck on the chopping block for criticization ad other things? You inspire trainers like me to push forth through the drama. To push forth through the distractions. To stay strong until the end, and do the right thing always... Thanks SJC, you are a Smogon hero. :)
    16. DLM
    17. DLM
      Well join my list of friends who got owned with 1 single word. And that word is "pickles". Good game. No rematch. xD
    18. DLM
      Oh by the way, do you mind joining the Science Division of Team Rocket Corporation SJCrew? I know you're a highly logical individual, and to be honest? After knowing you for so long (like 4yrs. now), I know you'd fit right on in within the community there. not to mention you're already apart of Team Rocket Corporation. I'm also the Head Scientist there as well.

      - I forgot to mention that you have to basically copy and paste the oath, and just put your name (SJCrew) where it says for you to put it. That's all.

      - I also forgot to mention that I'm not still uptight about what happened this morning. I'm doing good, and thank you for easing my mind and any paranoia I may have had. You truly are a good friend, and it makes sense we've been bros for so long. Thanks SJCrew. Thanks for being not only a good friend, but a good brother. I appreciate it.
    19. SJCrew
      Exeggutor doesn't really know you or have the power to do anything to you. Only thing I can say with the knowledge that I have is that he got a bad first impression of you based on whatever you were ranting about at the time. You don't have to hold his opinion higher than a regular user's because he has a symbol next to his name.

      Also, you could've handled that then and there with a PM. If it's still bugging you later today, wait until he gets on or ask around for his forum name so you can message him. Don't bottle this up and let it feed your paranoia; talk it out ASAP.
    20. DLM
      Have a good night, SJC. I won't be having 1 after having to yet again deal with these cocky staff members, who think they can say and do what they want because they have a form of power.
    21. DLM
      BTW, I have the full logs too if they want to pull anything funny and deny anything. I want a public apology or for them to be demoted, because I'm tired of being attacked for absolutely no reason at all.
    22. DLM
      I just want to play Pkmn, relax, make friends, and set a good example for those around me. Can I please just enjoy my online experience with anything auth-related peacefully? And if they don't like me, that's fine. Just at least have the decency to not come to speak to me, when I try my best to be as civilized and docile as possible to everyone.

      Absolutely NO patience is in me, and if they (Exeggutor) bash/flame/insult/try me again in my sight or publicly because they have some mark of power in front of their name -- I'll be posting more than screen shots like those around the web besides a VM. Of auth abusing me for ZERO reason at all, and insulting me behind my back.
    23. DLM
    24. DLM
      Check your PM please.
    25. -Tsunami-
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