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Mar 27, 2015 at 3:55 AM
Jun 22, 2008
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Mar 27, 2015 at 3:55 AM
    1. Mazz
      I'm GMT-6. Scheduling a battle shouldnt be hard. Aim for the weekend?
    2. Nas
      When's a good time to challenge you for Mafia?
    3. -Tsunami-
      Hi. Can I challenge you for Mafia now?
    4. Omicron
      hey i completely forgot about the uu mini tourney with so much other crap going on, umm, wanna battle tomorrow sometime?
    5. Mazz
      We're opponents for the UU Open's second round. When do you want to square off?
    6. -Tsunami-
    7. -Tsunami-
      Can I play you for uu mafia now?
    8. G-Von
      Hey, I wouold like to challenge you to a UU Mafia match. When will you be able to play?
    9. Not Jacky
      Not Jacky
      Okay, I'm on.
    10. Not Jacky
      Not Jacky
      Okay, we need to get our game done. Forgot about it before x-x
    11. Hantsuki
    12. Mr. XYZ
      Mr. XYZ
      I live in a GMT +1 Time Zone so that could be difficult to find a date. We can play when you´re ready.
    13. Cipher Admin Lovrina
      Cipher Admin Lovrina
      Also, in your experiences, how useful is the Hone Claws set?
    14. Cipher Admin Lovrina
    15. Cipher Admin Lovrina
      Cipher Admin Lovrina
      Hey, so I'm interested in using Meloetta in OU. I'm just curious... are 200 speed evs really superior to 192 speed--is outspeeding Tornadus-T worth it? All I can think of is hitting it on the switch-in and maybe 2-hkoing it with Relic Song + Thunder or Close Combat + Thunder, or Parahaxing it...
    16. Not Jacky
      Not Jacky
      I live in GMT - 5 and am available throughout most of the day.
    17. kokoloko
      Also, would you like to update your old Nidoking analysis? The on-site one is well written and I'd hate for the quality to go down... but it does need a good amount of updates as SR is huge.
    18. Mafeking
      Gotcha; I'm on as Mafe
    19. Mafeking
      Hey, Harsha told me you were looking for me on IRC. Sorry I wasn't there; please feel free to take the win if you'd like.
    20. kokoloko
      Eyo, lazy bum. You need to show progress on the Victini analysis you have reserved by the 24th (a WIP thread will do) or the reservation will expire.
    21. Mafeking
      I'll hop on IRC right now and be on for the rest of the night, so just hit me up if it comes up and I'm not aware.

      Unless you're really not interested in competing anymore, wouldn't it be more fair to see about extensions? Surely there are other groups with this issue, and I don't want to take a win from you if you're interested in continuing in the tournament. You play more UU than I do anyway. :P

      Edit: I just saw RT's post. Let me know if you'd like to play at a later date and whatnot; I should definitely be around in the evenings on both days at the very least.
    22. Mafeking
      Thursday's fine by me. We can finalize a good time closer to the time I guess.
    23. Mafeking
      Hey dude :) I'm GMT-6 so we shouldn't have any issues getting a time sorted. I can't play tomorrow but I can do pretty much any time from Monday onward as I'm on summer break, so we can work to your schedule instead if you're busy sometimes. I'm on IRC as Mafe in #grammar most of the time if you wanna hit me up there
    24. Molk
      bs tehy getting my vm 250 get

      w/e vm 251 get
    25. tehy
      I have the best explanation ever though, i was watching PRONZ and i wanted to be like, hey. Also, it was like 3 am, i didn't think anyone cared
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