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Aug 4, 2015 at 7:58 PM
Jun 22, 2008
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Aug 4, 2015 at 7:58 PM
    1. Fishy
      i'm afraid it's just something you have to accept and live with, my friend.
    2. barry4ever
      (16:01:05) +barry4ever: lol sjcrew he even left
      (16:01:14) +barry4ever: he came
      (16:01:16) +barry4ever: he banned
      (16:01:21) +barry4ever: he conquered

      thanks btw.
    3. hobo bob
      hobo bob
      yea it's cool. Rain isn't the same without Tornadus so I made a normal team, but I sure miss Ludicolo that mexican bastard
    4. hobo bob
    5. hobo bob
      hobo bob
      was that your alt that called me a shithead? xD
    6. blarajan
      Being a dick is being a dick. Acting on your own in situations that were caused by the combined efforts of others is one of the quickest ways to look like an asshole.

      I'm done speaking to you in a way that suggests you're anything but an idiot.
    7. D4RR3N
      we gotta fite for no johns
    8. Molk
    9. Molk
    10. shrang
    11. Aurora
    12. Aurora
      so keldeo doesn't suit you?
    13. Molk
    14. Molk
      hello, i was just about to respond to that guy that just vmed me, and i noticed that you vmed him that you were about to vm me and noticed that, what did you want to tell me?
    15. Bigblue
      oh I was terrible mistaken then because I heard that votes were taken while I was away on spring break but still I find that RU is in a huge rut
    16. Eo Ut Mortus
    17. Aurora
      you may not be impressed with my avatar :D
    18. JabbaTheGriffin
      we're not technically "throwing it"

      i let people play whatever they wanted and there were 3 slots left (2 bw ou, and 1 gsc) and stuck good players into those slots. we were actually very capable of winning with this lineup

      also if you have it, can you pm me the log of your match against BKC and try to play gabranth this weekend :/ (oh nvm just noticed you've been in contact with him about it)
    19. Gabranth
      Well ok, let it be now, so at least we're sure to play, I'd rather play a game in a bad condition than not play it at all lol
    20. Gabranth
      Sorry bro, can't now, except if you really can't play at any other time..
    21. Gabranth
      Mm I'm pretty much free this week-end, so you can give me a schedule ! I'm GMT +1
    22. BKC
      for some reason i can't get on viper's pit so i'll be waiting on the PokeBeach server as hate crew deathroll
    23. BKC
      sorry man, my internet randomly stopped working around 4 PM...I waited till around 10 and then I had to go to sleep. but yeah friday works good
    24. BKC
      not really but i tend to idle on viper's pit under the name "King of the Kill"
    25. BKC
      sounds good
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    (02:53:55) +shrang: sleep is epic
    (16:14) .No Scrafty in UU.: CBtar?
    (16:14) .No Scrafty in UU.: that sounds like a not bad set
    (16:04:25) +Steamroll: nobody likes me
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