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    1. blarajan
    2. blarajan
      sup nig.

    3. Snunch
      you there?
    4. Snunch
      I'm in class then, how about 6:30?
    5. Snunch
      when you're ready let me know so we can schedule a specific time, I don't like playing on a whim
    6. Snunch
      That's fine, I'm testing new stuff too. Deadline is next Sunday, so I assume you want to play over the weekend?
    7. Snunch
      please split half of that money with me

      so when do you want to play
    8. Eo Ut Mortus
      Eo Ut Mortus
      I'm writing your highlight match for next round of ST8. Tell me your reaction to being paired with imperfectluck.
    9. MarceloDK
      Hi bro, can u play to spl now? I'm on pokebeach right now...
    10. MarceloDK
      actually, i'm in gmt -2
    11. Alice
      ok I'll look for you. If for any reason you can't just drop me a vm and we can play wed or thu at nightime as well...
    12. MarceloDK
      well, i can play all the day, u can just vm me when see me on forums wednesday
    13. MarceloDK
      hi, we got paired on spl, can u play wednesday?
    14. Alice
      It seems we'll have to play during the next days. I tend to be online at night, so tell me which day works better for you (I rather play on tuesday or wednesday)
    15. Limi
    16. Alice
      I know you're good n_n

      I'm gmt-6, and as for now weekend works fine for me. If anything pops up I'll let you know...
    17. FlareBlitz
      Hey we can play anytime today, just get on #genvuu and let me know when you're ready
    18. toshimelonhead
      Are we still on for Thursday or Friday evening?
    19. FlareBlitz
      I'm free for most of the week past around 12pm PST. Friday and the weekend can be iffy.
    20. Snunch
      just come on irc im ready whenever
    21. hobo bob
      hobo bob
      more like fashionably late lol
    22. Lohgock
      Oh I didn't see the DL is until Thursday, I thought it was until Sunday. Yeah, then we can do the the battles obviously. I have to see if I've got time today. If not, Wednesday or even Thursday would be the best days to battle for me.
      Just VM me whem you're available, I will be in the afternoon and in the evening.
    23. Moo
      hey can we build a team next time we're on IRC? I need a good one D:
    24. Lohgock
      I went off 10 Minutes before you came since I had many other things to do.
      The next two days I won't have much time for our battles. Yesterday was probably the best and the only day it would have worked. I have to see if I've got time for the battles tomorrow, but yeah, don't know =/
    25. hobo bob
      hobo bob
      kd24 "quit" smogon. That made me lol
      glad to see hail is gone :D
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