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May 5, 2015 at 1:31 AM
Mar 27, 2012
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    1. Imanalt
      so how does monday at roughly 1 pm my time (6 pm your time i believe) work?
    2. Imanalt
      so liek we have to play for once upon a team tour, im est and available most evenings, hbu?
    3. LuckOverSkill
      I can most likely play every day around 6-7 pm GMT+1, I can also play in the early afternoon (1-3 pm); I can't play on saturday and today :[

      actually, if you give me precise times I can most likely do it whenever (still exclusing saturday, and most nights are unreliable times for me), so just tell me a good time for you
    4. Furai

      2 TOURS
    5. Tobito
      in case you forgot that..I LOVE YOU!!
    6. BKC
      welcome to us east bro
    7. Furai
      dont get banned ily
    8. NahimC
      Correction, 8* XD
    9. NahimC
      Hey bro, heard u were really pro xD Wanna join my clan? We could really use you :p We have like 7 other pros, u might know some of em :P
    10. PROBLEMS
    11. panamaxis
      i'm done with exams now so i just have to build a team and then i'll let you know (not sure how long it'll take atm). Can you let me know your availabilities and timezone in the meantime?
    12. DestinyUnknown
      I could be banned!
    13. Jayde
      let's play man I'ma be on PO in a sec
    14. Jayde
      tomorrow like 8-9 gmt would be best
    15. Jayde
      when do you want to play for upl i am vming you because i don't want a flip and i really want a great match
    16. august
      :heart: but fo real if you ever wanna practice just pm me on irc im always game to pkmn battle. also im keeping my sig for shits n gigs
    17. WhiteQueen
    18. dice
      let's fuck you babe
    19. WhiteQueen
    20. Ojama
    21. august
      sure thing im sure we can sort something out, i was just messing around too i was p sure you were just trolling so i was trolling back x)
    22. Lavos Spawn
      Lavos Spawn
      alright so are you ok with playing before or after tour?
    23. kokoloko
    24. Lavos Spawn
      Lavos Spawn
      lol can we at least be somewhat civil to each other? i'm not asking for a truce but maybe lower the sword a bit. anyways yea i can be here at the time you specified, unfortunately it's also right at tour time and i'm doing that so before or after would be better. bo1 is shitty because the game could conceivably just be decided by hax or team matchup and i want something better than that. i would therefore much prefer a bo3 or bo5 (bw ou of course, because you're unfamiliar with gsc/adv/dpp and i'm unfamiliar with uu/ubers). see you then i guess.
    25. Lavos Spawn
      Lavos Spawn
      i was just going to have us do a bo3 in bw ou.
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    [22:48:58] Problems: JEWS CAN EMPLOY PEOPLE TO FIGHT
    [22:49:01] Problems: COZ THEY BARE RICH FAM
    (22:49) dpp god: get a diff team im not playing that machamp again
    reyscarface: i wish i were you marth
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