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May 5, 2015 at 12:13 PM
Mar 27, 2012
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    1. Kidogo
      I'm GMT-8, so I'm asleep most of the time you're at work anyway. Saturday doesn't work well for me either, so let's try to find a time during the week. I can play after 3PMish my time, so after 7AM GMT, while you need before 12:30 GMT, so we've got around 5 hours. Later in the week would probably work better for me, maybe thursday or friday. Do either of those work for you?
    2. badabing
      I heard u misplayed turn 1 vs aqua
    3. Aqualouis
      Yep i'm cool with that !
      Btw if you come online tonight, if i'm still online and if you have 15 minutes to play it today i'll be on irc on #spl
    4. Aqualouis
      Ok Thusday will be the best for me cause i'll probably hang out tonight
    5. Aqualouis
      I'd like to play before friday cause i won't be really available this week end. I'm gmt +1 and very often on irc.
      I can be on till 1-2 am my time on tuesday / wednesday and thursday
    6. HeIIraiser
      hi, when can we play? im gmt -2. xp
      ez win today lgi, big up ma landan boi Dean xox
    8. McMeghan
      it would be either between 12h and 14h30
      either between 20h and 1 am

      i'll be on IRC during those times =)
    9. SkillinJah
      yeah sunday is cool for me, you pick the time friday/sat don't work for me as i'll be out
    10. McMeghan
      thursday is hardly gonna work for me
      friday/saturday/sunday are the best day, what about you?
      I'm gmt +1
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    [22:49:01] Problems: COZ THEY BARE RICH FAM
    (22:49) dpp god: get a diff team im not playing that machamp again
    reyscarface: i wish i were you marth
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