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Jul 27, 2016
Feb 26, 2010
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Jul 27, 2016
    1. Furai
      Just saying, Ubers Gliscor has no Swords Dance, but it does have Substitute, so I just changed set up on it to set up a Substitute on it, though it may be unnecessary.
    2. Furai
      Remarkable, thanks a lot!
    3. Furai
      Skarmory is one of the lucky Pokemon to get access to Spikes, which can easily wear down the opponent (this is obvious)

      I did not remove this because I think it's mandatory explaining why Skarmory is lucky

      A gimmicky Swords Dance + Autotomize set can be used, but it would not work well with Skarmory's poor selection of STAB attacks and mediocre base 80 Attack (not sure if this sentence is necessary, I mean is this set at all usable?)

      That's why it's in OO; OO is like it can use X but Y is much better

      I'm changing the Gliscor thing to: Gliscor deserves a special mention, as Skarmory is often considered as a counter for it, but with Taunt, Gliscor is the one that counters Skarmory.
      I require a stamp for dat ^

      Calm Mind Arceus variants

      There are 17 types of them, and without variants it implies Normal type, so I also kept the rest as they are
    4. Furai
      I'm going to rephrase that Gliscor part, so stay tuned as I will need it GPed too!
    5. Furai
      Should I implement the amature check too?
    6. Furai
      Thanks man!
    7. Furai
      It's just much more easy when you have access to it
    8. Furai
      Do you go on IRC?
    9. DittoCrow
    10. DittoCrow
      yeah, over a month ago xD
    11. TrollFreak
      yea, glad its of sevice, we have our 5th member, and if we hit 50 posts in there, I'll throw a party!
    12. TrollFreak
      using my group to work on GP Checks!

      nice use for it, why didn't I think of that :O
    13. dragonboy52
    14. TrollFreak
      no prob man :D
    15. TrollFreak
      of course you can, join the group, i'll accept
    16. sirndpt
      i havent the time to do a full gp, but I pointed out some stufffffff, hope it helped!
    17. Cereza
    18. sirndpt
      hey, I just had a look over DW Donphan, and wanted to remind you again to be more careful with your checks! x:

      - base 120 Attack and base 120 Defense, not Base 120
      - 50 Base Power, not Base 50 Power
      - no need to capitalize Cleric
      - spinblockers, not spin blockers
    19. Django
      I was just wondering, the placeholder was there for a while. cool cool
    20. Django
      Are you going to do that Musharna check? ;_;
    21. Honus
    22. Harsha
      lol, thanks, that'll come soon enough xD
    23. Harsha
      community contributor is for stuff that's not related to contributions & corrections, such as posting in DST, leading projects throughout the site, and stuff like that. contributor is solely for contributions & corrections. and thanks!
    24. Harsha
      hey, i noticed something when looking at your check. you don't necessarily have to use such as over like in all cases. like implies exclusion, while such as implies inclusion
    25. Fatecrashers
      please refrain from using curly apostrophes in your gp checks, it is usually a symptom of working in ms word, the curly apostrophes get messy when we upload stuff onsite
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