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Feb 17, 2011
Aug 3, 2010
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Avvy by Orugus


from Avvy by Orugus

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Feb 17, 2011
    1. shella
      Haha there's no specific colour that I'd like! But, can you make the "Welcome to the" and "Acetrainer's.....Restaurant" part a biiit brighter?
      And thank you Smiley you're awesomeeee x10000!!! You should be badged already for being an artist haha! :D
    2. Swamp Thing
      Swamp Thing
      Yeah, but maybe later, as I have to do some stuff.
    3. acetrainerzx
      It's pretty nice. Do you want me to pay you in advance first?
    4. acetrainerzx
      That's nice, when you got the time... please work on these

      OU- Lucario and Infernape
      Uber- Mewtwo and Arceus
      UU- Nidoking and Nidoqueen
      NU- Pikachu
      Blacklist- Gengar
      Whitelist- Blissey
    5. acetrainerzx
      Can you make banners for me? I will pay 6 credits in return
    6. shella
      So you must actually attempt the challenge in your own game? Like, you cannot lie? Haha cuz that's what I would do. :P
    7. JRT
      Oh, well then I don't get why it would be corny lol.
    8. JRT
      Sorry I don't get the joke. I love Mad TV but there are somethings that don't get a laugh out of :x
    9. shella
      Oh, right, mmm when you're free, do you mind telling me in a nutshell what the Scramble challenge is?! I saw you post in there before, so I thought you'd be the right person to ask. Lol. :p
    10. JRT
      Hey you've been so helpful to me, I forgot to ask if you would like anything from my thead in return.
    11. shella
      Haha okay. xD Not like I have anything to do at the moment, though. :p
    12. shella
      Haha want to try one last time? =D If not we can always trade the next time you ask for a BP.
    13. shella
      By the way, are there any more BPs you want me to do? :D
    14. shella
      I hate disconnects!!!!
      I'm waiting inside now btw. :P
    15. shella
      Sorry if I'm terribly long winded, but remember to bring 2 extra Junks! :P

      Edit: I'm in wifi now!
    16. shella
      Also, may I ask.... do you do banners because you like doing banners, or because you want Pokemon? :p I'm just curious!
    17. shella
      I have a picture of it already, actually! I'm just too lazy to transfer it to my computer. I'll upload it on photobucket and send you the link in 12 hours. :)
      Thank you Smiley!
      And start redeeming your credits! :p
      I can also do BPs for you, 3 credits each! :)
    18. shella
    19. shella
      We need to do another, sorrry xD
    20. shella
    21. Boss TJW
      Boss TJW
      hey let me know when you make those banners
    22. Midou
      I have the pokemon, contact me when you're able to go online
    23. Shining Kestral
      Shining Kestral
      Sure thing, my FC is 0604 0933 4979
    24. Midou
      I'll contacting Alexa now to trade them to me so I can clone, i'll distribute to you as soon as i get them.
    25. Frozen_Spirit
      My internet is buggy. :( Havent been able to trade.
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    Avvy by Orugus
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