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Last Activity:
Nov 17, 2010
Jan 25, 2009
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SMOGON AWARDS was last seen:
Nov 17, 2010
    1. Lady Salamence
    2. Ulysses
      Best Team Rater-Bloo

      He churns out walls of text longer than your entire RMT and puts a cherry on top of all that delicious information.

      Best OU Battler- IPL stall is reaching Obi stall levels of imitation and copying. He's a fantastic strategist.

      Meanest User: CaptKirby-shoots every thing down and would nominate himself. Nuff said.

      Most Approachable User- Jimbo, who is friendly to everybody
    3. az
      let's be friends i like you you're cool
    4. Setsuna
      [NOMINATION] #1:
      Best Team Rater - Bloo

      Reason: I nominate Bloo as the best team rater because I can say that I am a frequent user in the RMT forum and the RMT IRC channel, so I know and have seen how clever his reasonings are and how good he is at this. Also, I have showed him several teams on IRC, asking if he could help me, and he happily says yes every time. Since he helped me on a variety of occasions, I know that he is capable of giving constructive advice. It also shows that he has extensive knowledge about teams and how to rate them. HTML clipboardTherefore, I don't hesitate in saying that he is a great candidate for this nomination.

      [NOMINATION] #2:
      Best OU Battler - Krack & Imperfectluck
    5. Lee
      Manafii101 - you need to send your nominations via private message. Click on Send Message just up there. ^
    6. Manafii101
      (This is where one votes, is it not?)

      I would like to vote Hazerider as Most Overlooked User.

      I would like to vote VERY ATROCIOUS RUTHLESS KILLAS as Best Thread of 2009.

      I would like to vote cookie as Meanest User, on the grounds of his hate thread.

      And finally, I would like to vote chaos as Best Smgoner, as he's really busy yet still finds time to visit the empire that he started.
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    The Nomination Round for the 2009 Smogon Awards is now closed! Look out for the Voting Round which begins with the release of the next issue of The Smog!
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