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Nov 21, 2009
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Apr 16, 2014 at 5:56 PM
    1. lily
      Hey, I'm GMT+11 aswell so this should be pretty easy to get done. You wanna play some time on the weekend?
    2. Nova
    3. Masterclass
      hey man just wanted to say amazing run in spl, you and the team did great. Especially you unlucky to be in such a bad team. Incredible preformances. Keep it up.
    4. CTC
      just got around to reading ur logs v spex, FUCKING RIOLU
      mad respect brah i love using it but dont have the balls to use it in spl. the hax was damn gay but just the fact that u woulda won w riolu if not for the miss is pretty sick. #riolugang
    5. Magcargo 2
      Magcargo 2
      Krabby is better.
    6. Colchonero
      I was connected since my mobile phone
    7. Nova
    8. Choice Specs
      Choice Specs
      Boo gmt+11 :(... Im gmt-6

      If you want to play on weekdays, it has to be from 5-11pm (my time). Im free all day saturday so its best if we play on sat, if not those are my only available times.
    9. Nova
      smurf did you create the homelet
    10. gengarsnemisis
      Did you create the "homelet chomp" on your rmt... because i fucking love that set..
    11. Colchonero
      I'm finally playing DPP now buddy, come to grotto if you want to see
    12. CTC
      Hey man can we play later today instead of tomorrow? Something important came up and I might not be able to play this week after tonight. I'm gmt -5
    13. Alf'
      That's right. It would be easier for me yeah ^^
      We can play Thursday (Friday for you) around midnight (my time) if it's more easy for you.
    14. taxi driver
      taxi driver
      Can you do Thursday at 8pm gmt-6 my Internet died last Sunday and is getting fixed on Wednesday hopefully.
    15. taxi driver
      taxi driver
      I'm gmt -6 I can play 4 pm to 8 pm on Friday- Sunday if that doesn't work we can fix something out.
    16. aim
      yo when can you play for spl week 5 im gmt -5
    17. Texas Cloverleaf
      Texas Cloverleaf
      we had no choice nig nog
    18. Heist
    19. BKC
      irl stuff came up here as well and i wont be able to play today (thursday here).tomorrow, around the same time?
    20. 199 Lives
      199 Lives
      Hey I'm all good now. If you want to play tomorrow that would be good.
    21. 199 Lives
      199 Lives
      Hey man, I'm GMT +11. I'm having some issues with my internet access at the moment, but ill let you know what is going on in the next day or so. Should be easy with our timezones
    22. The Immortal
      The Immortal
      Hi! I'm at GMT+4 and online most of the time. You can find me on PS! or on IRC.

      Here's my complete list of available times:

      Sunday/Tuesday/Thurday/Friday: 1pm to 12am
      Saturday/Monday/Wednesday: 6pm to 10pm

      All in GMT+4. No DST.
    23. mfhoundoom
      Hey do you want to battle right now?
      EDIT: I guess you were just about to leave. I've been on the irc channel you requested. Are you on as something other than Smurf.? I have to do this battle today so please vm me when you get on.
    24. mfhoundoom
      How about tomorrow morning my time? Could you name a time then?
    25. mfhoundoom
      If not, Saturday would probably be the best time for me as I'm available most of the day.
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