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Mar 27, 2017 at 9:35 AM
Nov 21, 2009
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is a defending SPL Champion

I have decided to retire young. Thanks for the cheese. Catch ya's later. Apr 25, 2016

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Mar 27, 2017 at 9:35 AM
    1. yee
      I'll be busy lowering my IQ doing summer things this week to come back after finals, so I say around the 16th-22nd (next week) we should try to just run into each other on IRC or something and schedule if that doesn't work. Since I'm GMT-8 the best time I can probably try being on 9 AM-6 PM which I think is 3 PM to midnight for you.

      For now GL and HF in the real world.
    2. Nova
      Player Wins Losses
      yee 0 0
      B-Lulz 0 0
      Smurf 0 0
      H-C 0 0
    3. Colchonero
      Was you serious when you asked me for a BW team? Pm me with whatever you want.

      Btw i also hope that dormund wins, but sadly i think bayern will win.
    4. LonelyNess
      Hey did you save your log between kennen?
    5. Kennen
      I preffer play in the weekend, I will busy in the week or I mean, tomorrow.
    6. Tamahome
      well, if that's so, I think we'll have to play on weekend. my other window of time is like 11am~noon GMT-3 and that is also out of your availability.

      do you plan to play tour this weekend? if yes, we can definitely find a time.
    7. Tamahome
      hey, when we playing for uupl? I can play pretty much any day after 6pm GMT-3, although I dont usually stay on for too long. lemme know your availability, also whenever you see me on irc I can play!
    8. Nova
      this (BAN ME PLEASE)
    9. FAFUS
      mate say me when can i find you online because yesterday didnt see you on the server you said me and deadline today
    10. FAFUS
      ok, for me would be nice to play on weekend
    11. coR.
      any day after the wednesday works for me, i'll look for you on irc then c:
    12. lily
      Wanna play now?
    13. lily
      How about 4 then?
    14. lily
      How about 7pm tomorrow?
    15. joshe
      you foul
    16. lily
      Sunday sounds good, I still need to fix some things on my teams
    17. lily
      Hey, I'm GMT+11 aswell so this should be pretty easy to get done. You wanna play some time on the weekend?
    18. Nova
    19. Sweepage
      hey man just wanted to say amazing run in spl, you and the team did great. Especially you unlucky to be in such a bad team. Incredible preformances. Keep it up.
    20. CTC
      just got around to reading ur logs v spex, FUCKING RIOLU
      mad respect brah i love using it but dont have the balls to use it in spl. the hax was damn gay but just the fact that u woulda won w riolu if not for the miss is pretty sick. #riolugang
    21. Magcargo
      Krabby is better.
    22. Colchonero
      I was connected since my mobile phone
    23. Nova
    24. Choice Specs
      Choice Specs
      Boo gmt+11 :(... Im gmt-6

      If you want to play on weekdays, it has to be from 5-11pm (my time). Im free all day saturday so its best if we play on sat, if not those are my only available times.
    25. Nova
      smurf did you create the homelet
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