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May 22, 2011
Mar 14, 2011
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May 22, 2011
    1. Blisssey
      OU 4th gen?
    2. zapdos=god
      gg wanna trade I need a bronzong.
      I'll give you a shiny Cresselia lv 100 Evd
    3. zapdos=god
    4. SuperLedian
      ill battle you
    5. TheMrGrimer
      GG man, how come you ran though?
    6. TechnoGuy
      Sorry for the run, I threw together a slop team, and you were gonna ace through me like butter. I've been in a slump lately.
    7. thegoldenburrito
    8. dca
      GG! really fun game, i suggest you put some attacks on your cress :\ it can easily be taunted
    9. dca
      wow i really what are the chances of all these confusion hits -.-"
    10. dca
      iight! see you on
    11. fistaco
      Despite the unskippable animations, that was over rather quickly! I don't really need anything in return, except for maybe another battle someday, so don't worry about that ;)

      Btw, why are people on your page raging about a Shedinja, which is one of the worst pokes in the game? XD
    12. dca
      GG! close, that miss on my first focus blast cost me the match x)
    13. Sneakpeek
      xD. GG. Sorry for the sheddy lol.
    14. Bboy235
      Wow a shedinja? didn't expect that. All i had for it was Jirachi's fire punch and you got rid of my rocks.
    15. litea11111
      yes, gg. Sorry if i went overboard there. I guess i need SR support..
    16. litea11111
      the thing was that i did not have SR up, i can never take down that shedinja, because of that sash. My tyranitar is also down and i can't take you down, it is as good as a loss for me. I agree shedinja is totally legal and i respect that but it can totally screw up someone without SR support or weather support
    17. litea11111
      that shedinja was kinda cheap
    18. Mr. J
      Mr. J
      great game
    19. SuperLedian
      Do you want an OU battle?
    20. dca
      i would have won without the crit because your gyrados would have had little hp left and i still had scizor to bullet bunch the rest due to having the rest of your teams at like under 10 hp each. So the crit wouldnt have really mattered. But yeah sorry for that freeze hax, i take my chances with tri attack and just hoped for any status.
    21. Sneakpeek
      Yeah but that crit at the end was gay. Im not gonna complain about the freeze on metagross b/c of serene grace hax but that probably stopped him from sweeping most of ur team. I was surprised that scarf togekiss outsped him with a rock polish, but ur toge must be max speed or something. Anyways gg. It was fun. Just wish we coulda seen how it turned out without the crit
    22. dca
      Good game man it was entertaining!
    23. raichur0xx0rz
      Hey, I have a Shiny Relaxed Pineco (untrained): 31/31/31/x/31/0. Do you have any pokes from Fifth Gen with Pokerus?
    24. Soldier In Whit
      Soldier In Whit
      hmm balls. well i dont want to waste your time. im gonna go beat my router. maybe we'll get a rematch in some time
    25. Soldier In Whit
      Soldier In Whit
      not sure. im on 3 bar as well but it just happens some times
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