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  • This should help you, in terms of translation: Japanese to English Pokemon Dictionary.

    I speak Japanese, so let me know if you've got any questions.
    Thanks, but I probably won't remember since I'll be busy. You can just contact me Friday of next week since i'll be free starting then.
    I know you were looking for a free Ditto; I was offering you one and directing you to my thread to see more details on it. My docile/calm Dittos are free to people who NEED them. I can't trade it to you after tonight; you will have to wait 2 weeks due to school (final exams). Your best shot is to be online within the next 2 hours and contact me.
    I know! Well, in Platinum they cost that amount too... xP

    If you need any items feel free to ask me, as I do have AR :)
    I have a little trade I have to take care of, so I'm afraid I'll have to delay about 5 minutes...

    I'll be online right after I finish though!
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