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Jan 25, 2013
Jan 19, 2013
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from Blackpool

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Jan 25, 2013
    1. Snubbsiii
      oh my do you know what Ive done like a complete boob..? Ev'ed the wrong Venonat so it has bug buzz, sleep powder, Quiver dance... but no Baton pass! FML! i'll have to re-do it tomorrow morning for you :(
    2. Snubbsiii
      Oh that good because I'm not the best at EV leveling but it works ahaha, Almost finished the HP training i'll be finished with the rest soon enough :)
    3. fryfrey
      Like somewhere within the 140-180 EV range is good
    4. fryfrey
      50 is good. And it doesn't have to be absolutely perfect in the EVs either, because otherwise there isn't really much challenge in the battling knowing you're a lot stonger than the opponent
    5. fryfrey
      Venomoth @ Leftovers
      Trait: Tinted Lens
      EVs: 252 Spd / 252 HP / 4 SAtk
      Timid Nature
      - Bug Buzz
      - Sleep Powder
      - Quiver Dance
      - Baton Pass

      I would love it If you could make this set for me! I can see what I can offer in return, but I just don't have the patience to EV my pokemon. However, I can breed a new one in exchange, or am even willing to trade you multiple pokemon for my desired set, but I am limited in DW ability pokemon. I hope I am not being too demanding, nor too restricting in the pokemon you are able to obtain from me. Just VM/PM me as to what you would like in exchange for that venomoth set, and I will see what I can do. I look forward to our transaction!
    6. Shii
      Yeah um I'd recommend using Pokecheck to check your pokemon's IVs. Because that is required of trade threads. Your thread will be closed if you don't list IVs for every pokemon ;-;
    7. CodeBreaker
      You can check your Pokemon IVs using Pokecheck.org.
    8. Snubbsiii
      about 5hrs i think its 8:22pm now
    9. Bald Accountant
      Bald Accountant
      OK, I am in the eatern time zone. It is 3:20 here. Do you know the time difference?
    10. Bald Accountant
      Bald Accountant
      I will battle wifi if we are on at the same time.
    11. Snubbsiii
      If you want to battle or trade just message me :D
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