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  • hey man i havent seen you in awhile did you give up smogon or just busy? i just made a trade thread it wont be ready for awhile though i asked my partner if you could join... i havent got a response (fail) but, if you come back on and see this post lets talk buisness. On a totaly unrealted subject i was curious about the redi status on those pokes you gave me, just post in my thread so theres proof you gave it. thanks!
    thats true, i might make a trade thread eventualy but not until i get an AR, haha i also want to make my own banners. I am probaly going to go with a beast wars theme since ive been re-watching all those episodes :P
    thanks for all that information :) i just wanted to know what pokes i could ev and which are already done :) so thanks. Have you ever thought about making a trade thread ? you have so many decent iv pokes plus with your ar you dont constantly need a clonner. But, ofcourse a trade thread you have to mantain and always check up on it and always list IVs / EVs and such it is some what of a hastle :P
    oh, that's fine. keep an extra copy for yourself. i'll call ya when the guy wants to clone again.
    K. Well, right now the guy thats supposed to give me the yanma isn't responding. So, how about you clone 3 copies of the sceptile and you'll keep a copy for yourself. does that sound good?
    sure, btw just letting you know. If you're going to offer some of the pokemon i have traded you on your thread, i'd like to have a credit on your trade thread. just making sure.
    sure, but can you wait? as i need to get the yanma from someone, and need to reconnect back to you to clone the yanma sceptile.
    cool ill check that out thanx for you pokes :) ill probaly ev them eventualy are any of them ev'd?
    thanks for the pokes! i never got so much good pokemon for just giving things like treecko and absol :o
    i am so jealous you have an AR :P what kind is it ? i am looking to get one for myself but not sure what model to buy. I have a Ds light. and an old chunky grey Ds
    Umm yeah, my Garchomp. Only one copy is fine. You'll keep a copy of it.
    thanks for the pokes btw, i always need more perfect iv pokes :D! i realy appraciate it. And 61020 error is nintendo's server i just asked someone. so yea someone failed over there its not our connections
    oh i am not so nice :P what time is it for you right now. For me its 11:40 am i can trade with you tommorrow around that time or an hour or so eariler. :) if that works with you?
    okey i keep getting this error on wifi error message #61020
    :/ i can trade you later i am trying to fix the problem right now not sure how long it will take.
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