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Oct 15, 2017
Aug 20, 2009
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Oct 15, 2017
    1. Killah
      mccoy finished 21st among RBs, but he only played in 12 games and only got 17 carries a game. had he finished at that pace he was on without missing any games, he would have been the 11th best RB yet would have had fewer carries than anyone in front of him except gore. chip kelly is a genius and loves fast players, and mccoy is one of the fastest guys on the team. even if he doesn't do fantastically, I think public perception of him is that he's gonna be a top 10 RB again this year.
    2. Killah
      dude my new avatar rules and I know who leonard is

      it would have been funny if they had make a PSYCHIC joke (GET IT PSYCHICS PHYSICS IT'S LIKE THE SAME THING)

      also if necrophilia is wrong I don't wanna be right
    3. Killah
      nah Palmer didn't have a great season at all, not bad enough to be benched but not terrible. he was fluky and inaccurate at times while just made stupid mistakes at others. except for the falcons game I can't remember him doing anything productive.

      first round next year... probably AP, Foster, Rice, Lynch, and Rodgers are the top 5. Brees will still be in the 1st round, Brady probably too, both in the 6-10 range. The rest of the top 12 would be Charles, Martin, Megatron, Marshall, and then probably McCoy or Morris.

      I don't trust Belichick enough to draft a Patriot RB. I don't trust the Browns enough to draft a Browns anything.

      Rivers was so bad this year it's kinda sad... if you do wait until late to pick up a QB, I'd suggest picking 2. The top guys drafted will probably be Rodgers/Brees/Brady/Peyton/Cam/RG3/Ryan, and that group doesn't even include Eli, Romo, Stafford, Wilson, Roethlisberger, or Kaep. This next season will be so deep that I'd probably wait until very late to draft a QB, then draft Wilson/Kaep and Rivers/Flacco (haha), or Roethlisberger and Freeman/Luck, or something. It's going to be bizzarre, there's really enough good quarterbacks now for all leagues to adopt 2 starting QBs.
    4. Killah
      the rest of my "do not draft list" had Ryan Mathews (both pre-injury and after his injury), Julio Jones (he was being picked in the early 2nd round, way too early when guys like Marshall, Andre, and AJ were still available), Vick (haha), Wallace (I ended up signing him as a FA before the first week of the playoffs or something when he scored 2 TDs), Trent Richardson (meh), and Demarco Murray (also injury prone). Next season I probably won't change my mind about any of them except Jones and maybe Murray depending on where he's projected.

      My "highlight list" is just embarrassing though... these are guys I thought were valued way to low and were prime for a decent season: CJ Spiller, Percy Harvin, Matt Ryan were awesome... then the rest of the list consists of Philip Rivers, Titus Young, Donald Brown, Peyton Hillis, Kevin Smith and Rashad Jennings. gag me :c
    5. Killah
      I said not to draft Peyton, DMC, or AP, so I got 2/3. McFadden is obvious, he didn't have a top 5 RB year by any stretch of the imagination. Here's what I said about Peyton:

      "At absolute best, he'll get about 35 TDs and 4500 yards, an excellent season. Why risk that when Eli Manning and Matt Ryan will both reach 30 TDs and 4000 yards at least (barring injuries of course)? Not to mention the latter two are going several rounds later."

      Peyton: 4659 yards, 37 TDs
      Eli: 3948 yards, 27 TDs
      Ryan: 4719 yards, 32 TDs

      so I was pretty close there! Peyton would have ended up with about 20 more points than Ryan, but around 50 (3/game) more than Eli, and both Ryan/Eli were drafted much later so neener neener.

      For AP I was wrong, but my reasoning was correct. You have to be confident in your choices, or else you'll live with INFINITE REGRET. As long as you have a good reason to make any pick, then it's never a bad pick even when it doesn't turn out well.

      If I get the #1 pick next season I'm not even sure I'll pick up Peterson. I don't want Foster, either, thanks to the curse of 370 (players with over 370 touches in one season drop off the next; Foster had 460 so I'd probably pick AP... but he had 401 touches this season. I'd probably choose him, but I'd be scared to. At least with a QB like Rodgers or Brees you're almost certain you have something good.
    6. Killah
      haKEEM is on my watch list next year because he probably won't be a top 10 or 15 WR picked because of his injuries but he's gonna surprise those fuckers
    7. Killah
      watch this (nsfw language)
    8. Killah
      not gonna lie I giggle every time I see this comic

      are you ready for the parallels between eli and flacco? UNCOMFORTABLE TRUTHS, SON
    9. Killah
    10. Killah
      man I find these on google image search don't judge me
    11. Killah
      not really excited for x/y, but yes the fact that I am out of fucks to give means I literally don't give a fuck about what THE MAN thinks
    12. Killah
      man I haven't hatched my own pokemon in like four years, it's all simulating/mooching for me (plus reusing the old stuff I have).

      pokemon is the shit in college so I guess it becomes uncool once you graduate??? oh well I am literally out of fucks to give

      that was really random but I like frogs too (toads are indeed gross)
    13. Killah
      how black people use it ??? AR was right you ARE racist :justin2:

      this pony shakes too but a little bit less... i have another shaking pony avatar somewhere

      can't remember the prizes, 1st-4th got travel money to go to nationals in indianapolis and some nintendo shit, 1st-8th got like a hat and a binder or something. oldest guy I've played was 2 years ago (been twice) who was probably in his 40's or 50's and there with his kid or something, maybe meangot will be the oldest guy there this year idk, and he's a pretty cool guy. don't remember there being a lot of chicks last year, about what you'd expect at a NERD convention
    14. Killah
      no georgia (it's the town uga is in)

      I don't keep up with the competitive scene a whole lot so I don't know too many, erm, "poketarts" but the crowd is pretty cool (a mix of smogonites and "casuals" and also some guys that are too pro to post here) in the masters group (the one that's like 17+ with no upper age limit, other two groups are like 13-16 and 12 and under or something), yes I own a DS and 3DS, my awesome bro themantyke got me what I needed last year because he's such a bro, they do hack check but it won't catch you if you know what you're doing

      it was a lot of fun last year even though I didn't know many people, and I did receive a lot of brohoofs because I was wearing a pony shirt (wooo fuck haters)
    15. Killah
      VGC is doubles, 4 on 4, level 50, some other random rules. It's a lot more varied than singles (allegedly, I don't play) and a buttload of fun. Me and a couple smogon guys from tech are gonna go to the event in Athens in a few months or something idk.

      TCG is the card game which I guess is kind of similar
    16. Killah
      I'm sorry I just have random thoughts pop into my head while surfing the internet
    17. Killah
      do you even play pokemon any more ???

      I don't except once a year for vgcs and a little bit in game (still haven't beaten bw2 (can't even remember what color I have))
    18. Killah
      seems like there'd be a lot of gimmick cards that could be effective if they have kept releasing sets like they used to
    19. Killah
      dude don't fucking laugh you lose if you run out of cards HOW CAN YOU NOT KNOW THIS

      surely there is some anti-metagame strategy where you use a lot of high defensive cards and magic cards that makes the opponent burn through all their cards? I remember once I used a card that makes it so neither team could play a monster higher than 4 stars... that battle lasted like two hours until my opponent ran out of cards. good times.
    20. Killah
      hoity-toity??? I didn't realize I came off this way? that makes me feel sad :(

      the animators of this show are obsessed with the scrunchy faces or something so they're kind of a running gag... this one is just slightly seizure inducing enough to make it scary

      I used to play yugioh but i was super terrible at it... there was no limit to deck size back then (someone told me there was now?) so my deck had like 200 cards. my favorite card was this one because it was so amazingly OP and I lucked into getting one a couple months after the episode with the evil guy who used it... I was a pretty gangster yugioh player myself back in the day
    21. Killah
      why would I laugh?

      except at georgia tech we have like 500 Mbps download speed so wifi is basically stone age so I guess that's pretty funny
    22. Killah
    23. Killah
      ahhhh I knew I'd seen it before

      I love fallout 3, but this is even better
    24. Killah
      what is this avatar of
    25. Killah
      in order:

      it's a shotgun so it's really easier than you'd think, the hardest part isn't pointing the right way but holding up the fairly heavy gun while pointing it the right way (if that makes sense??? try holding a weight at arm's length for a few seconds and you'll know)

      no I haven't ever been shot I'm not in a gang or anything

      doomsday preppers are retarded and my grandfather only has a bunch of guns because he used to be a professional skeet shooter or something... i'll watch the show EVENTUALLY but it would kinda be ironic/to laugh at the stupid rednecks

      I think World War Z goes into that... a ton of people fled north to Canada in hopes the zombies would freeze, and then when they made it there were tons of people with the same idea and they nearly all starved... the zombies all froze, but when the spring came they all thawed out and were still alive. I guess if they were variants that are still alive and need food they would die? I'd rather just find a big boat and get a lot of food and live on the ocean or something.
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