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some hero
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Oct 15, 2017
Aug 20, 2009
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some hero

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Oct 15, 2017
    1. Killah
      don't forget, to, the drm means no sharing games or buying used games, something playstation was all too keen to make fun of today.

      it also requires always-on internet, so you can't even take it out in the boondocks where you're visiting for the weekend to play it (do they even have boondocks in cali?)
    2. Killah
      sorry for bailing for an hour I was afk

      no fallout 4

      xbox is $500, highlights as I remember them:
      -halo 5 teased
      -Metal Gear Solid V shown (looks badass)
      -Ryse (roman fighter) looks like a boring cross between AC fighting, pretty roman visuals, and scripted cutscenes. pretty meh
      -Sunset Overdrive looks like a cartoony tf2 open-world borderlands, looks pretty badass actually
      -Killer instinct looked really, really meh. I'm not a huge fan of fighters but it looked really bleak.
      -forza is gay, and they taught the computer to read your mind while driving and investigate your behaviors in order to replicate them so the game can play on its own. creepy big brother shit.
      -dead rising 3 looks alright, zombies and shiz
      -battlefield 4 was shown, looks badass but is multiconsole (the rest except MGSV are xbox exclusives supposedly? dunno)

      big one imo was Titanfall... looks like a futuristic CoD that plays like a cross between Halo, Call of Duty, and a mech fighter. some platforming action like halo, looks like call of duty, and you can summon down mechs and use them in fights. looks pretty balanced and like a lot of fun.

      xbox conference was pretty good, but $500... you have to be friggin kidding me
    3. Killah
      oh god

      oh god he doesn't know
    4. Killah
    5. Killah
      did you even watch e3
    6. Killah
      i'm done

      who do i give my xbox card to, i'm switching to playstation
    7. Killah
      they should have chosen a hard knocks team already, awkward.

      I know more about offensive schemes than defensive schemes, so I don't really know much. Teams generally know to use their best pass rusher as a pass rusher, so I don't think the change will affect those guys as much as the team around them. Generally, though, when you're at the top of the league, any change can only be bad.

      JPP scares me, I was sad when he got his back surgery a couple weeks ago. If he misses any time that defense is certain to miss him.
    8. Killah
      real girls? well the entire thing is voiced by like 2 people sooooo

      this image makes me laugh every time

    9. Killah
      they're on youtube but they're hard to find sometimes so http://sherclop.com/

      8 episodes, 2 shorts that aren't very funny. the later ones are better but you have to watch them all to get all the jokes!
    10. Killah
      dude why do you go to mexico on an average year

      you're not a drug dealer are you
    11. Killah
      well really you only draw passing routes

      it's basically what peyton manning does. run up to the line, move some guys around to determine whether it's man or zone (usually), deduce what you think the defense is going to do then give routes to your receivers in order to counter it. lots of fun.

      fallout 4 at e3? maybe, maybe. fallout 3 gives me headaches when i play so i haven't played much :(
    12. Killah
      i didn't know skyrim had a goty version and didn't think it ever would! not terribly surprised though.

      yes it's on the wiiu but you can DRAW YOUR OWN PLAYS how can you not understand how AMAZING this is
    13. Killah
    14. Killah
      yes it is more a curse than a blessing sadly, growing hair this quickly

      I just did a draft on madden (the most recent one), six picks, all of them with an overall of 81+. they will legit all be starters except one. come at me bro
    15. Killah
      not on dvd until august

      maybe if it was a regular pone movie, but I wouldn't be caught dead in this theater for this film. not even if I watched it with my ponybros.

      i grow a beard when i'm too lazy to shave, which is often. it is the rugged, wilderness type of beard/stache combo. my hair grows too quickly for me to avoid one without shaving every morning so I usually just pass on that, hehe
    16. Killah
      shh it's a secret that I have a mac ok

      kinect is just boring, played adventures and tennis but it's nothing exciting.

      I get my info from the depths of the interwebnets. haven't been looking for it but a lot of stuff has shown up on reddit today... all the necessary info is in the xbox 1 thread on a forum though.

      bro knows I'm a brony and has seen the show a couple times, he doesn't think it's bad but doesn't willingly watch it. he wants to go see equestria girls as a bad joke, though
    17. Killah
      honestly though I just don't want to pay for something I won't use... even my 13 y.o. bro hates kinect and he owns it hehe

      what makes you think I'm a computer nerd? that's hurtful :( (secretly I have a mac)

      installing games is closely tied to the used game thing. basically by installing it, no one else can use the game without the fee, and since they force you to install it to play the game you can't get around it. IF that turns out to be false, then installing games will be like halo 4, where you had to install a disc in order to play multiplayer because all the game's info wouldn't fit on the disc itself. this is not likely, but possible
    18. Killah
      no man I dislike kinect because they can use it to spy on us

      big brother and all that
    19. Killah
      forced kinect integration, less powerful than the ps4, you have to install games onto your hard drive before playing, and you can't play used games without paying a fee. for starters, anyway.
    20. Killah
      almost nothing but bad news

      0/10 will probably not buy
    21. Killah
      how many xbox games do you play that are not available on another console? gears and halo?

      nintendo by far has the best exclusives, and while I prefer an xbox controller over anything else the exclusives are most important imo.

      always better than the shitty ps3 though, hehe
    22. Killah
      no, microsoft sucks dicks

      nintendo is where it's at
    23. Killah
      never heard of that show, pending excitement on the nextbox until tuesday
    24. Killah
      you've come to the wrong neighborhood motherfucker
    25. Killah
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