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some hero
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Oct 15, 2017 at 11:24 PM
Aug 20, 2009
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A beautiful heart

some hero

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Oct 15, 2017 at 11:24 PM
    1. Killah
      wutchu smokin brah

      Grimes was injured all of last season, Robinson was dropped after being shit all of the seasons. Our #4 CB, Chris Owens, got signed elsewhere, leaving us with gaping holes in the secondary.

      We got two of the top six or seven CBs in the draft, who should instantly step in as starters at #1 CB and nickel CB. Our greatest weakness might now even be considered a strength, if they pan out as hoped.
    2. Killah
      I give you a D- for giving draft grades
    3. Killah
      the Giants have an easy schedule, all things considered... the AFC West minus Denver sucks, the Vikings/Bears/Lions are all beatable, and the Giants match up really really well against Denver/Green Bay. That's half the schedule that's pretty favorable. That leaves the Panthers (should win), the Seahawks (should lose), and divisional games... they definitely have a good chance at making a run at double digit wins if they don't lose the games they're supposed to win. With a 100% Nicks, though, anything's possible I guess.
    4. Killah
      yeah but last night was just an exception because your spelling was so much worse than usual. it's ok, one of my friends drunk posts all the time, hehehe.

      the broncos had just as easy of a schedule as the falcons did when it was all said and done. you can't base it on the year before, really, but you kind of can if you look at it team by team? whatever.

      I vaguely remember you mentioning a collapse then, so I'm inclined to believe you.
    5. Killah
      holy fuck man how drunk were you last night

      the school talent show was ironic, because they each had a chance to embrace their talents but didn't. Sweetie was a great singer, but she wanted to do the backdrop/outfits (to be more like Rarity), AB was a great builder but wanted to do the choreography, and Scootaloo was a great dancer but wanted to sing instead.

      It was a big deal because errybody was supposed to be equal, but now Twilight is "elevated" and "more important" than her friends. Also right now her character is almost perfect with no real character flaws, because she's "solved" them over the course of the series.

      Friendship is Witchcraft is I guess the "best" stuff out there. The more recent episodes are fantastic, but there's a lot of in-jokes so you have to watch them from the beginning. It takes a lot of focus to catch most of them though, it's fantastically written.

      Yeah, people use that against the Falcons too, but they're right! I don't go rubbing the 13-3 in anyone's face. Hell, the Packers should have reached 13 wins anyway; they should have beaten the Seahawks and should not have lost to the Colts. 11 wins against that schedule is not amazing, just like 13 wins against the Falcons' schedule is not amazing. Impressive, yes, but not amazing.
    6. Killah
      the NFC North all had inflated records because they played the NFC West (2 free wins) and AFC South (3 free wins). The only teams with winning records GB beat were Houston (overrated but good), Minnesota (inflated # of wins but average) and Chicago (inflated # of wins but average). 11 wins is impressive, but not spectacular.

      The thing is, you answered your own question: They still will have no running game, a terrible offensive line, and a crap defense. Seattle/San Fran have all of these things, and Atlanta will be at least average in all three.

      Even if the Falcons aren't top 5, it's not like I'm off by much; they're still better than Houston, and no other team but the Packers and maybe Saints (pending the impact of Peyton) really deserve any kind of credit to being up there.
    7. Killah
      where they discover their talents what? the mane 6 discover theirs in 1.23, the cmc discover theirs in the fuuuuuture.

      there was a massive shitstorm over tspark getting wings, I'll just leave it at that.

      tell me what you like, there's a lot of good fandom stuf that's been made from YOUTUBE POOP to STORY FEELS to MOOSICKS and everything in between.
    8. Killah
      there's only five elite teams in the NFL right now: Patriots, Broncos, Seahawks, 49ers, and Falcons. The Pats/Hawks/Niners might be "more elite" than the Broncos/Falcons, but no other team is quite on their level. The Texans proved in their games against the Patriots that they don't belong there, and no other team besides the Packers is even in the conversation. The Packers... well, that's kind of tricky. The only playoff teams they beat last season were the Texans and the Vikings (lol Vikings), and they appeared very average most of the season (ie the Jacksonville game, for example, or especially the Giants game). For a team that's supposed to be all offense, they finished 13th in total yards... behind Carolina, Tampa, and Indianapolis, plus behind New England/Denver/Atlanta/San Francisco (Seattle was 17th, but have the #1 or #2 defense). Hell, their running game made Atlanta's look serviceable.

      The Saints shouldn't even be in the conversation for winning the NFC at this point, there's just too many teams they match up against poorly that should and will beat them next season unless they can massively improve their defense. here's a spoiler: it won't.

    9. Killah

      that was done for a comedic effect though. sweetie's actually a good singer when she tries (like the hush now quiet now song)

      but how do you feel about the last episode? this is very important
    10. Killah
      you have AB's and Sweetie's backwards.

      yeah, the Falcons have a very tough schedule (you didn't even mention seattle or san fran, hehe) but this is one of the top 5 teams in the league, and I'm not just saying that.

      maybe you're forgetting just how bad the Saints' defense and running games are... they literally set the record for most yards in a season allowed, and they did not play many offensive powerhouses (only Denver, GB, and Atl x2). no quarterback isn't going to miss the loss of his LT, the second most important position on the offense, and completely switching schemes after one year isn't going to help any. don't forget, they have absolutely 0 pass rushers at the moment, their secondary is average at best, and the only good player they really have left on that defense is Loftin.

      never heard of the film Kira, I knew it meant killer from death note though. I'm so uncultured it's not even funny.
    11. Killah
      scootaloo, apple bloom, sweetie belle, and now babs seed

      only 13 eps in season 3, 26 in s4 though starting sometime in the winter

      saints 14-2 nigga wot? new defensive coordinator won't mean that much for the #32 defense, they're switching to 3-4, and they have no LT. making the playoffs isn't out of the question but 14-2 is insane
    12. Crux
      no seriously stop
    13. Crux
      no seriously stop
    14. Crux
      stop posting in the one piece thread please :p
    15. Crux
      stop posting in the one piece thread please :D
    16. Crux
      stop posting in the one piece thread please :)
    17. Crux
      stop posting in the one piece thread please :(
    18. Crux
      stop posting in the one piece thread please :/
    19. Crux
      stop posting in the one piece thread please
    20. yond
      your idiocy stretches far and wide I see
    21. yond
      shut up, you're dumb, go away
    22. Killah
      love is in bloom is the best song

      there's even an extended version! squee

      common fandom opinion is that celestia threw the fight with the queen (her name in the credits is listed as Queen Chrysalis) in order to ??? she always appears to know more than she lets on in the rest of the series, so who knows.

      cadance has a "canon" backstory in a random ass book that was written (for like six year olds of course) but I won't say any more on that until you see the s3 finale.

      falcons should have had four prime time games, the monday nighter against the jets is a crime. dmv fucking sucks but everyone already knows that
    23. Killah
      the sonic rainboom episode showed that they were all connected even before they ever met, which makes me think that they were "chosen" by the elements of harmony when they were born or some shit

    24. Killah
      all three seasons start with a 2 parter, only season 2 ends with a 2 parter though... the cliffhanger at the end of season 2 finale part 1 is pretty fucking intense.

      you just made me have feelings over an imaginary bird species. thanks for that :(

      canterlot's a train ride away or something, I dunno. that mountain with the dragon in season 1 took them the entire day to get to by walking and it's probably about the same distance as canterlot is.

      twilight's special talent is magic, and her magic was so powerful that celestia made twi her student. the real question is, did the element of magic choose her because she was so good at magic, or is she so good at magic because the element of magic chose her? deep shit
    25. Killah
      I know you said no fandom stuff before you finished watching, but here.

      no, not everyone speaks with an accent. I don't feel like I have an accent, but my friends from the north say I do so whatever. ya'll is a useful word after all.

      I can't remember my prediction, but I think I said schedules were gonna come out this tuesday? close enough I guess. you can always watching Giants games online, but they'll still get 3-4 primetime games and be one of the main teams shown at 1/4. big games against GB, Denver, Seattle, Chicago, and the division games against at least Dallas/Washington will all be shown in premier slots. only game I could see trouble with is Oakland, but you get their games anyway right? maybe the carolina game again.

      if pheonixes can't have eggs, where did they come from? checkmate
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