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some hero
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Oct 15, 2017
Aug 20, 2009
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A beautiful heart

some hero

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Oct 15, 2017
    1. Killah
      ahh~ ahhhh~ ahhhhhh~ ahhhhhhhhh~

      I'm impressed, it took me about a month before I could listen to the theme song without muting it out of embarrassment.

      never been to baltimare but I live near mareietta? that pun works decently I suppose
    2. Killah
      you don't have to call yourself anything, you're only a brony if you want to be.

      besides you've seen at least 6 episodes in the past day, that's more than enough to prove you're dedicated enough to be considered a brony/mare man/hoofer or whatever, hehe
    3. Killah
      what do you mean what are you?

      and that was just another easter egg. she's in probably about 18 of the 26 episodes in s2 somewhere, you just have to find her.
    4. Killah
      wasn't one of the first adopters (those who come from le 4chan) but I was part of the "second wave"

      probably been around longer than 90% of the fandom or so, so yeah I'm an oldfag
    5. Killah
      ahhhhh that scene <3

      it meant so much to us when that came on
    6. Killah

      a war between zebras/ponies is the cause of the nuclear holocaust or whatever in Fallout Equestria actually
    7. Killah
      no one knows. we think equestria is just the country (like 99% sure) but they never said

      and unicorns are way op
    8. Killah
      ur such a pleb the songs are awesome

      season 2 derpy is a where's waldo kinda thing. you just gotta look out for her. here's some examples: ep 3, ep 4, ep 7, ep 8, ep 9.

      did I ever tell you her whole story
    9. Killah
      i wasn't thinking clearly when I saw it I guess

      I thought luna then I was like "no luna doesn't make sense" then I thought twilight had another wing spell but I was like "no that doesn't make sense either" but then I was just confused as fuck

      find a pet is awesome, especially the song.
    10. Killah
      man I couldn't figure it out when I watched that ep

      I was too busy enjoying pone to think about it though
    11. Killah
      hipster rarity is best rarity
    12. Killah
      dude whenever you want

      gifs need to be 30 KB or less though, which is a pain in the ass.
    13. Killah
      wtf are you smoking luna is blue and twilight is purple

      well more accurately they're sapphire and lavender but WHATEVER

      I can't pick a best pony, I know that's a cop out answer but it's the truth :(
    14. Killah
      fluttershy tries to hard? to be what, as submissive as possible?

      but yeah mmhmm rarity is totally never a jerk to *anyone*
    15. Killah
      well the next ep is about 40% rarity so yay?

      2.04 is also considered one of the best episodes of season 2.
    16. Killah
      yes I read it, one person (not sure of the sex sry), it starts off kind of slow but really expands into something awesome.

      i think you might be the first person ever to have spike as best pony. just thought you should know.
    17. Killah
      nah I don't watch it, just heard a lot about him from it.

      skyrim's dlc was so massive I kinda doubt they'll do a GOTY edition that includes it :x

      bayo is weird as hell but a lot of fun. supposedly it's a lot like DMC but I'm a bad gamer and have never played it so idfk. I only got orange box for portal and tf2 (then it became free on steam lawl).

      fallout 3 gives me headaches when I play for whatever reason. damned shame, too, as it's a lot of fun. there's even a super long and amazing fallout/pony crossover which is incredible and amazing and stuff. it's not some shit tier crossover, either, they actually take the pony world and make it believable that some massive war happened and they developed doomsday weapons and blew everything up and shit. it's amazing fo rizzle.

      you are right about celestia, she is definitely basically one of those two things. just wait until the season finales of s2 and s3, they will give you your answer.

      s2e03, Lesson Zero, is considered the best episode of the series. YOU WERE WARNED.
    18. Killah
      I hate dentists too, but like teeth (kinda need those things); no, no one will unlock it legit in the next decade or probably ever; I have about 20 I think for 360, including all the gears games, halo games, a couple maddens, fallout 3, skyrim, tales of vesperia, portal 2/orange box, bulletstorm 1+2, bayonetta, and a few more I don't play at all back home. mostly I just play the shooters though.

      watch it soon, I've heard nothing but good things about RHPS.

      discord is a fuckin badass. the episode itself could have been done better, but he was perfect. i'm sure you never watched it, but the guy who voices him plays as Q in Star Trek, where he basically has the same role except slightly less evil (all powerful chaos god). some pretty awesome shit, lemme tell ya.
    19. Killah
      hopefully you'll get drugged up :c

      i don't know what the fuck they were smoking when making that achievement honestly. did they really sit down and play the game that much? honestly, most of them should be 1/10th of what they are... but then it wouldn't be that challenging to get the achievement. whatevs.

      RHPS is my friends favorite movie ever but I've never seen it.

      and yes I am known for my eloquence what can I say
    20. Killah
      seriously 3.0 is literally impossible to get without cheating though

      you have to play 18,000 matches for fuck's sake. at 15 minutes a match (which is generous, ctl/guardian usually takes longer) that's 4500 hours of gametime. at 3 hours a day (which is a ton) it would still take over four years to get those matches done... PLUS you have to get 6,000 kills with the pistol, heavy weapons, every starting weapon, lots of curbstomps and executions and the horde medals and the beast medals... it would take playing a lot every day for the next decade to get it "legit."

      when I play shooters I have to assert my dominance somehow. I have like a 2.7 k/d in tdm on judgement, feels good man. normally I'm modest in everything but not in halo or gears, fuck the haters I'm the best 8======>~~~
    21. Killah
      I'm somewhat of a dick when playing online, I must admit.

      if anyone slights me in any way I teabag the shit out of them. between that and my NATURAL SUPERIORITY I get a lot of hatemail. I never accept challenges and troll the shit out of shittalkers, too, generally by sending them friend requests and such. nothing says "fuk u <3" like sending someone a friend request after they've been yelling at you.

      honestly for prescott you just have to leave your xbox on overnight a couple times. start a private match, put on all bots and all boomshots and the minimum score, and let her rip. you'll get a lot of losses but that's how you get your matches played (it's not like I ACTUALLY played 3000 matches of every gametype, haha).

      the reason the queen was immune to the immulsion was supposedly because she was 100% human, but then humans could be exposed to it so I don't even know. maybe they'll touch on that in a future game?
    22. Killah
      dude that's some fine detective work you've got there. more strip sacks would be awesome, fits perfectly with our bend-but-don't-break maybe-shitty-maybe-not defense we have going.

      turner was average at the end of 2011 too, he just had a couple big games that inflated his stats a bit. I was still pretty shocked at how far he fell, though.

      locusts are kind of confusing. they really didn't seem to touch on what they are at all in the games, you just had to look deeper. the Sires level in gears 2 gave most of it away, with the collectibles giving the final clue. basically, they were doing genetic testing on shit, shit got out of hand and made mutants (the Sires) using the immulsion. after some more shit happened, they sealed all the mutated humans and their families and sealed them up inside a mountain, where eventually the mutations were passed down and formed the different types of locusts. some of them (like serapedes and brumaks) were just monsters that lived under the surface that the locusts tamed, though. the queen is actually (and obviously) 100% human, dunno how she came to be worshiped by the locusts but I think she's related somehow. before e-day, she met adam fenix and tried to get him to help cure the lambency issue that was touched on in gears 2-3, but when that didn't work she tried to gtfo onto the surface so she could flood the inside of the planet where all the lambent locusts were.

      no, I didn't cry when dom died. it was pathetic storytelling, really. me and the three people I was playing with at the time thought it was kinda funny, how bad it was.

      of course I unlocked prescott, what am I some kind of plebeian? like i said, only one onyx medal away from getting seriously 3.0, where I will ascend beyond the mortal plane of gears players and become a gears god.
    23. Killah
      were awesome players. hate to see them leave, but love to see them go. they were invaluable to our success from 2008-2011, but they were liabilities last season and will be again next season.

      32/75, wow... that's pretty flippin sweet. now I'm feelin all hopeful again.

      like I said, I will certainly not be ditching Gears 3 at all. no reason Gears Judgement has to replace it, it'll just be something else I play too.

      however, it's not the last Gears game. Microsoft likes to milk franchises, and what's happening with Gears is exactly what happened to Halo. Game company makes 1-3, gets goaded/forced into making a prequel (Reach), cooperates with another start-up to make it (People Can Fly is made up of Epic employees and made half of Judgement, just like 343i helped with Halo Reach and was made up of Bungie employees), then the old company (Epic/Bungie) leaves while the new company takes over the franchise.

      storyline wise, I don't really see how they could do anything with the locusts though. I'd dig another prequel dealing with the Pendulum wars though.
    24. Killah
      Osi will not be a "full-time" starter, he'll play the pass like Abraham did and probably only play 60-70% of our snaps, maybe a bit more. we'll try to keep him in as little as possible on obvious running situations and take him out of some first and 10's.

      Abraham is done in this league. He'll get signed somewhere and cut midseason if I had to guess (there's a reason he still hasn't been signed yet). He'll be 35 before the season starts, and had 0 (ZERO) sacks in the last 6 games last season. Five of his ten sacks came against Oakland and Arizona for fuck's sake. Osi's like, three or four years younger, and will probably take the same part-time-but-still-technically-starter role Abe had.
    25. Killah
      casual gears fan? CASUAL GEARS FAN???

      do you remember when I told you I was a level 100 in gears 2, level 400 in gears 3, have a 2.7 k/d in TDM, seriously 2.0, and I'm 64/65 onyx medals on seriously 3.0??? get on my LEVEL, son. WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK I AM.

      it was pretty obvious just from the stuff they announced that it was gonna be a lot different. lots of spawns (rather than just 2 for most game modes), no DBNO, two weapons with an incredibly fast switch time, spawning with frags, etc. they were trying to increase the game speed to appeal to call of duty/halo players.

      melee is way OP, hope they nerf it but doubt they will. it's fun when you have the longshot out or something and some gnasher noob walks up to you and you just punch him in the face and blindfire him dead before he can do anything though.

      for the locusts, it really takes a team to do effectively. if you're alone, a team with two+ engis will wipe the floor with you. tickers are master race, but when the other team is coordinated you can't do shit alone as a ticker. wretches are awesome because they can sneak behind the enemy and the attack the e-hole/generator, then the entire enemy team moves back while your team pushes forward and destroys the fortifications. but those turrets are just annoyingly overpowered... if they change anything, nerfing those will be the first thing they can do.

      gears IS supposed to be a team game, but they went the way of the cod and made it a lot more self-oriented. a good player can carry the team on his back in every match now. same thing applies to FFA, it never would have worked in Gears 3 but it works alright in Judgement.
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