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some hero
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Apr 27, 2015 at 8:12 AM
Aug 20, 2009
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A beautiful heart

some hero

from A beautiful heart

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Apr 27, 2015 at 8:12 AM
    1. Killah
      it's... different
    2. Killah

      whatevs is what I use, good enough? I guess I prefer the nighttime but really I just hate the morning, afternoon is also my bro.

      what did you think of Party of One? best episode
    3. Killah
      also young dude relatively??? i thought i was older than you but then i realized i actually have no clue what age you are
    4. Killah
      i was joking don't do drugs

      unless that's your thing but only RESPONSIBLY!

      do I mind the sun what kind of question is that??? i'd kinda be dead without it so me and him are bros. plus the whole sunbutt thing
    5. Killah
      dude take the meds asap
      drugs are awesome

      probably about 13 hours so not nearly as long as you. i cannot sleep in the middle of the day no matter how tired I am... in fact this entire week I've had 6 or fewer hours a day of sleep but cannot fall asleep until after 1 am. probably only taken like half a dozen naps in the past decade.
    6. Killah
      route canal for the lose x_x

      allergies to what? i'm super allergic to a lot of plants and shit, nothing dangerous or anything but enough to make my life hell from march to october unless I'm drugged up

      life's been alright, been on break last week but back to teh skoolz this week. miss being able to sleep 10 hours a day already :(
    7. Killah
      laughing gas is the greatest thing ever so it'll all be ok
    8. Killah
      i miss u
    9. Killah
      they're probably about to sign Steven Jackson, or they were at least looking into it.

      honestly in that offense they don't need an elite running back... Peyton did fine with Joseph Addai at RB.

      the emperor haki sounds like the exact same thing as the stare doesn't it :0 you say it's 1/1,000,000 but that "others" have the power besides luffy... hax .-.
    10. Killah
      you's trollan
    11. Killah
    12. Killah
    13. Killah
      nope I do not
    14. Killah
      turtlenecks what the fuck

      I don't have enough class for turtlenecks

      baseball only distracts me from football, it doesn't replace it. I feel like I should care about the other teams but I don't, just rooting for the braves and against the phillies + yankees + whoever's in first in the NL East.

      pokemon adventures is what the pokemon anime would be like if it was pandered to the DBZ crowd. also known as pokemon special, I forget which is the "american" name. it's definitely more mature than the anime, and if you like manga and pokemon then ???
    15. Killah
      seen any poni poni episodes lately?
    16. Killah
      anime is usually based off manga, it's not like it's something completely out there or something

      besides I've read most of pokemon adventures manga, which is pretty tight

      I watch baseball from april to august only because there's no football on... I'm a bad fan because I only care about the Braves though.

      pony hiatus, football offseason, and schoolwork = death right now. how do I move on :(
    17. Killah
      yeah def heard a lot about psychonauts, never played it though.

      if I wasn't so busy I'd look into reading some of it, but I have too much to do. remind me in about 2 months after finals. you watched poni ponis so least I could do is give it a try :0

      also I couldn't find my yugioh cards. I know they're around here *somewhere* but... :(
    18. Killah
      it's the kind of thing I think I'd like, but I never got around to reading manga or watching anime (with a few exceptions like DBZ, fuck year)

      yes I am in my third year of college (as my previous post alluded to) at georgia tech... learnin's hard

      i have never heard of that game though, and I've had an xbox for like a decade
    19. Killah
      naw you haven't told me any of it

      nobody cool's ever graduated from my HS :( megatron played for one of our rivals though so that almost counts???

      I forget exactly but there was some article recently about how he got over his social anxiety was by literally creating another character, kinda like stephen colbert on/off of his show.
    20. Killah
      I am a rebel (part of being a college student)

      yeah I know daniel tosh the persona is like the complete opposite of him as a person. how'd you meet him? I heard the entire reason he invented the persona is because he suffers from social anxiety something fierce.
    21. Killah
      i honestly don't know who bill maher is, but i am a blue in a red state

      it's lonely here :(
    22. Killah
      always sunny is amazing, easily the best show on comedy central.

      tosh.0, meh. clips are funny but they're just taken from reddit a couple months after the fact and he's gotten to be such an over-the-top asshole that anything besides the clips is just annoying imo. it is funny so i can understand that you watch it though.

      heard good things about dexter but i don't have time for any of those shows, let alone one that's had like eight seasons
    23. Killah
      idk man those are just shows that I've heard nothing but good things about mostly

      what do cultured people like yourself watch
    24. Killah
      dude reddit said it was cool though

      also forgot game of thrones, but that might be a little heavy for me to get into considering none of my friends watch it
    25. Killah
      nah, I'm swamped by schoolwork to even contemplate watching a show. Even if I wasn't, I still have to watch Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, and Community... heard that shit was cash yo
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