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Jul 25, 2014 at 9:50 AM
May 28, 2010
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Oranje :( Jul 10, 2014

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Viewing thread CAP 19 - Part 1 - Concept Assessment, Jul 25, 2014 at 9:50 AM
    1. Antar
      All right. The diff stats are up.
    2. Antar
      Wouldn't you want me to compare them to the CAP (no Malaconda) stats?
    3. Bull of Heaven
      Bull of Heaven
      Just a small flavour point, but right now your Malaconda doesn't learn anything until level 4. Every pokemon gets at least one move at level 1, so it can battle as soon as it's out of the egg.
    4. Deck Knight
      Deck Knight
      Name Final Submissions can only be posted after a CAP Moderator posts in the thread that final submissions are open. Any final submission posted prior to the Moderator notification post, will disqualify the submitter from the poll entirely. Even if the offending post is edited later or deleted, the submitter will still be disqualified for the remainder of the thread. This ensures that all submitters have equal opportunity to post final submissions without anyone unfairly "jumping the gun". <-- yeah, this is in the OP for CAP Names. There's a lot of legalistic stuff in there. Just wanted to give you a heads up.

      I have told like 5 or 6 people this now.
    5. Yarnus of Bethany
      Yarnus of Bethany
      I really liked Number Cruncher. Why did you choose not to continue with it? And I am curious as to you original post.
    6. jas61292
      Hey, fyi, your current TL vote is illegal. You need to rank all canidates to have a legal vote.
    7. Mos-Quitoxe
      Let me append to that quote "who is on IRC _at_this_precise_moment_."
      even then, I forgot DHR :P
    8. Doughboy
      I am on under the name DoughBoy. What is yours?
    9. Doughboy
      Basically what happened was that I was subbing for someone in round 1 but was put in the round with 1 day left. Then I missed the scheduled time with nyttyn but our match was done about ~half an hour after he made his activity post. So now you are my opponent. You are on now?
    10. Doughboy
      hey you are my new opponent for CAP tournament. is it possible for you to get the match done now or tomorrow night?
    11. nyttyn
      I am on right now in IRC on #cap #pokemon #capasb #orangeislands and on pokemon showdown!
    12. nyttyn
      Alright, I know you're on IRC often, so just catch me in #cap, #orangeislands, #capasb, or #pokemon sometime this weeked, I'll be on garunteed from 10 PM to 12 PM est, other then that i'll be on and off consecitvely unless there's a specific time you'd prefer.
    13. lapras6666
      okay, that time seems good.
    14. lapras6666
      lol sorry thats way too late for me. I think its best to wait till the weekend (when I can be up till like 2 am my time) and set a time up there
    15. lapras6666
      yeah it might be the latest I can get on weekdays + sunday is 10:30 pm my time (4:30 pm your time)
    16. lapras6666
      hey we gotta play for the cap playtest tour. I'm gmt +1. When do you want to battle?
    17. CrashinBoomBang
      Yeah, we can battle right now. PO or Showdown?
    18. CrashinBoomBang
      Yeah, Saturday sounds good, I'm fine with either doing it ~1 hour before the Smogon Tour (so at around 9 PM GMT+2) or doing it right after.
    19. Birkal
      Haha, I'm sorry if I made it sound like you were a poor reader! You're a great CAP user; I hope I wasn't being snarky or anything.
    20. Steven Snype
      Steven Snype
      PO2 or Showdown?
    21. Steven Snype
      Steven Snype
      Thursday @ 11 AM EST sound good for you?
    22. Steven Snype
      Steven Snype
      Since the deadline is the 10th, are you fine with playing this Wednesday or Thursday? (Those are the days I am free for most of the day)
    23. Steven Snype
      Steven Snype
      hi, we need to play for NU Open. What times are you good to play? I don't quite know my exact schedule yet as it's inconsistent.
    24. 199 Lives
      199 Lives
      yep, I'm on reborn server if you want to play
    25. 199 Lives
      199 Lives
      Yeah somewhere around that time is good anywhere from 9-12 in the morning. I'm going to be on for the next couple of hours so we might catch each other.
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