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Jun 22, 2013
Sep 27, 2010
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The Netherlands
    1. sst222
    2. Benis
      hey ima be on smogon
    3. Benis
      sry man i totally forgot about it when can you play? can it be on saturday around 2pm for you?
    4. Benis
      sure man Ill be here around 12-2 PM itll be like 4-6PM for you :)
    5. Benis
      vm/pm me whenever you can battle
      time zone eastern us
      usually from 12 pm-4 pm
    6. lolnub
    7. Japan
    8. Hozu
      The Timid 26/7/31/26/31/31 XD Zapdos is hacked. That spread cannot be generated by XD or Colosseum period. You can get it as a .pkm file and upload it to pokecheck.org for proof as it not supports XD/Col legality.
    9. Japan
      HACKED, its hacked,.. IDK, just wait a moment.
    10. Japan
      Can you CMT for it?
    11. Japan
      I like that Zapdos yu have. What is the OT?
    12. Str0ngbad
      Thank you as well. :)
    13. Str0ngbad
      I generally agree except I often use charge beam instead of Thunderbolt. Heat Wave wouldn't fit on a baton passer unless he was supposed to be an abuser rather than one who set up.
    14. Str0ngbad
      Yeah, Heat Wave is what he misses in 5th gen. He'll still be a great Baton Pass Zapdos though. :)
      I'm nicknaming pory right now. I'll head to wi-fi as soon as I'm done.
    15. Str0ngbad
      uh-oh. :) Yeah, I'll still take it. Did you move tutor it first?
    16. Str0ngbad
      Yeah, I'll send you Porygon first and then we can do Zapdos after.
    17. Str0ngbad
      Sure, now works too. Give me just a few minutes to finish up another trade though.
    18. Str0ngbad
      I can get on tomorrow at that time. If we miss eacho ther, I'll try again on Saturday.
    19. Str0ngbad
      That is very do-able for your porygon. Timing will be difficult since you are about 7 hours ahead of me I think. (It's 8:30AM here) I can be on most any time during the day tomorrow so we should be able to make it work. If you can tell me what times are you available tomorrow, I'll try to figure it out from there. And I'd like to get the Zapdos on my SS if I can. :)
    20. Str0ngbad
      I like that Zapdos a lot. Would you like the shiny or non-shiny version of Porygon? They have the exact same stats. Let me know if you want me to attach an Upgrade to him when we trade so he'll be evolved.
    21. Str0ngbad
      Hey there. :) It's fine that you don't have a trade thread. I would love to get more info that XD Zapdos. Can you tell me the ivs on it and the OT?
    22. KM888
      Yea for the same reasons, but also to help other people, get good battles on PO/Smogon and to look at some cool Giveaways. I just won that Latias from a giveaway, but none of the Distributors has time -.-
    23. KM888
      Hi Sst222. You here as well ^^

      I never saw you here before xD
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