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  • yeah no problem and i only do wifi so sounds good, im up for a battle anytime im on, been pretty busy the last few days but i should be on for a while tomorrow
    Oh no, not at all. I'm always up for a good battle.
    Personally, I recommend that you, at the very least, Google Pokemon Showdown and check it out. This will resolve your problems of not being able to get a battle. Making a team on it is quite simple too.

    Also, I only questioned you because no one that I have no acquaintance with has asked me for a battle before.
    VGC is the video game championships. There are official Pokemon tournaments that you can travel to, in order to compete. It is in double battle format, and has different Pokemon restrictions every year. You can win prizes like vacations, Pokemon cards, scholarships, and Pokemon items. Pokemon Showdown is a free battle simulator, which let's you battle without ev training, and you enter all your Pokemon, and play online. It doesn't have doubles yet, but has a variety of tiers, and the battles are well presented. Pokemon Online is like Pokemon Showdown, but with doubles, and other tiers that you can play by joining servers, it is not presented as well though.
    I'm sorry. I don't have a team on wifi. If you would like, we can battle on Showdown. All you need is a computer and Internet,which I presume you have since you want to battle on wifi. UU and OU are both fine with me. I would prefer a Clear Skies (no weather) battle however if you do choose to battle me in OU, if you are able to battle me at all that is.

    I must ask, why is it that you are challenging specifically me?
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