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Dec 14, 2012
Jun 19, 2007
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    1. Ray Moo
      Ray Moo

    2. Ray Moo
      Ray Moo
      Good day to you sir or madame. I am your opponent. I am available

      5AM-7AM on weekdays ( I might not wake up though o3o)
      and come back from school at about 2:50PM-9PM
      Oh and this is pacific time.
      On the weekends I can be on whenever but alas, I have trouble remembering family outings. I hope our battle will be an enjoyable one, so good luck to you good sir or madame.
    3. MrCyprus
      Okay, so I'm in the process of moving, and my new house doesn't have internet yet. However I can still chill at my old house for a while longer. It's just gonna be hard for me to catch you at a time where I have wifi and you are online. If you can't wait, I understand, but if you are cool with working with me a little bit longer then that would be awesome.
    4. MrCyprus
      Hey man, I have thundrus. I will let you borrow him if you let me borrow tornadus when you are done. I don't have a masterball to give though. Sound good?
    5. Rama
      im waiting online with the ditto for you, if you cant get it in the next 10 min. ill have to get it to you tommorow
    6. BardanSkirata
    7. BardanSkirata
      Yes I can, but it'll be tomorrow. With TM's and all. :)
    8. StarWizard
      I do need it! can I have it then I'll pay you back later with something? if yes, can you attach to it a quake/stone edge/u turn/srock tm? thanks a ton!
    9. BardanSkirata
      nice!! i have one that is jolly, buuuuut the iV's are terrible... sorry.
      if you need that modest one, let me know. i'm turning in for the night.
    10. StarWizard
      jolly because I only have a 31 spd or 31 atk ones and they're same cartridge = not good for breeding. I'll use it for all things jolly, really.
      is that ditto 6x 31? I could use that yeah
    11. BardanSkirata
      Oops... just realized I traded off that Jolly one. The one totally flawless Ditto I have left is modest, if you would like that.
    12. BardanSkirata
      Oh ok. Uhm, what project are you using this to breed (I assume you're breeding?) for?
    13. BardanSkirata
      Can I see your thread (Link in your info page doesn't work)?
    14. BardanSkirata
      Did you catch my reply in SQSR?
    15. Annoying Old Party Man
      Annoying Old Party Man
      Sorry dude, I'm not really up for one.
    16. ShadowACS
      dude, it's cool. Happens to everyone.
    17. ShadowACS
      good game. Like the electivire/gyarados combo. Too bad my team doesn't use any electric attacks, though. LOL
    18. ShadowACS
      ok i'm on now.
    19. SRT-4
      gg, hope to battle with you again later on
    20. Curtains
      gg while it lasted
    21. newb
      Er.. sorry. I have fallen asleep and now I'm off to work.
    22. newb
      I can help you evolve your Kadabra.
    23. Gir!
      18383(wait, do you need the starky back?)
    24. Gir!
      -sigh- coming on again
    25. Gir!
      You cant be serious! I offer a service for free, wait for you on for 30 min, stand there like an idiot, and now you tell me you were using another game?!
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