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Steven Snype
Last Activity:
Jul 30, 2014 at 5:50 AM
Mar 27, 2009
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Dec 4, 1993 (Age: 20)
Nowhere special

Steven Snype

20, from Nowhere special

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9.9 Nov 30, 2013

Steven Snype was last seen:
Jul 30, 2014 at 5:50 AM
    1. Malfunction
    2. iss
      your post in the woobat thread

      truly, truly amazing
    3. Jellicent
      Haha, thanks ^.^

      Also, your badgeset is super cute~
    4. Cristal
      I'm on Grotto
    5. Fakes
      if you are fast we can do it now i have 10 minutes
    6. Fakes
      when you want to play for mence tourney :o
    7. Cristal
      8:00 PM is my dinner time. It would be better one hour earlier or later.
    8. Cristal
      Hi we're paired up in no weather ubers. I'd like to play either on Friday from 10:00 PM to saturday 1:00 AM, or anytime on saturday. Tell me when you're available, timezone GMT+1
    9. 6A9 Ace Matador
    10. lokt
      Hi, your my tutor for dpp ou, how do you want to do this? Also, I'm going right now for tennis, so I probably can't do anything today.
    11. AccidentalGreed
      Apologies for asking you our of the blue, but can you check/give the final stamp to this this baby.

      I'm sorry if I caught you at a really busy time, and if the analysis seems a little fleshy (But Gothitelle can't into large movepool).
    12. TV-Rocka
      That would be 8pm for me, sounds cool.
      You can find me on the PokemonExperte Server under the name Porengan
    13. TV-Rocka
      Argh damn, sry I forgot to answer.
      Maybe we can try on Sunday, cause friday and Saturday I'm not at home in the evening.
    14. Mazz
      Long time no see :D
    15. Funkasaurus
    16. H-C
      Dracomalfoy and i are going to need an extansion to battle I guess. We're both active and doing what we can do to try to battle but no time seems to work. This is why I'm asking you an extension, then the matches will be play.
    17. Porygon2
      I actually am not sure when I will have time, I currently have irregular work hours and a pretty busy social life as well. If possible it would be great if you could add me on Skype, so we can just battle when we're both online. Also, I am from the Netherlands, so we have a pretty big time difference going on. If we won't be able to get the battle done, you can just move on, I joined because a friend wanted me to so it's not that big of a deal to me anyway. Sorry for the inconvenience.
    18. pokebasket
    19. pokebasket
      for which tourney??
    20. Pedrock
      Wanna play now?
    21. Pedrock
      Yo man, we hav to play for No-Weather Ubers. I'm GMT-2 and use to be online at evening. Tell me your best time. =]
    22. Rockhp
      Still no problem, I'll be here during the week-end!
    23. Rockhp
      I'll be around, as I planned to do ST saturday and sunday. I'm in holidays the whole next week, so it shouldn't be a problem for me..
    24. Rockhp
      I'm your oppenent for the ADV BO3 OU/UU/Ubers. I think I'll be ready this week-end, or the next week. I'm usually around from 6PM to 10PM (GMT +1), and around ST hours.
    25. Danilo
      please remove me from your dpp ou forgotten year tourney. sorry for the inconvenience
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    Dec 4, 1993 (Age: 20)
    Nowhere special
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    Somewhat vain
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