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Nov 5, 2017
Oct 19, 2007
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Sep 22, 1991 (Age: 26)



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Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, and sometimes it rains. Jul 30, 2013

Stone_Cold was last seen:
Nov 5, 2017
    1. Iconic
    2. some hero
      some hero
      Hey, we have to battle for that tournament...
    3. Lady Salamence
    4. Lady Salamence
      Lady Salamence
      Incorrect. I did not come up with the idea. Garret has done this before, I simply sparked a flame to start it. As for the hax part, that was a joke.
    5. babidi1998
      yeah im pretty happy i won..
    6. babidi1998
      yo stone, sub either yourself or iconic in for r1. something has come up and i wont be on as much as i would be normally for the next 5-6 days and so id rather let someone else play. ill be back to full activity by the 30 so id love to be subbed in a later round if possible =)

    7. tobi10
      we got a tough round in confederations :/ and basically half of our team is dead / on vacations.. we can do it though :X
    8. Shining_Latios
    9. babidi1998
    10. Alakapimp
      Want to play right now?
    11. Alakapimp
      Hey, when can you play the UU tournament game? Weeknights 4:30-10 CST or Sundays are best for me.
    12. Playa
      yeah baby that would be awesome! love you too!
    13. babidi1998
    14. Iconic
      hey stoney i........ think youre awesome
    15. fohg
      would you and ur crew wanna play some black ops some time?
      game's kinda boring without friends (cuz i have none lawlll)
    16. panamaxis
      Just graduated from highschool last friday so life is pretty chilled atm. Plans for the holidays are basically get fit, get a job and find ways to amuse myself that doesn't require spending a lot of money (such as running through that list of horror movies that you PMed me :P). How's life been treating you lately bud?
    17. panamaxis
      Oh. My. God.

      That was such an awesome movie! And yeah, it definitely has been too long <3
    18. Stone_Cold
      I love you all.
    19. panamaxis
      "A vicious take-off on reality TV that turns a high-school milieu dominated by cliques and childish relationships into a war zone"
      This is...

      Battle Royale!!!

      Just rented it out, I've been so keen to see it since you hosted that tourney but I couldn't find it in the video store until tonight :D
    20. ENZ0
    21. ENZ0
      yo I got undisputed to record want to battle today at 8:00 PM (GMT -5) or if you see me on earlier, o and we could do it tomorrow like at 8:00 PM (GMT -5) please confirm BR0!
    22. ENZ0
      hey want to play for CAL?
    23. Banedon
      I'm not giving out my email addresses online. End of story. I'll tell Kevin Garrett you won, good luck with the rest of the tournament.
    24. Banedon
      I did my last round by agreeing a time with zdrup15. We were both there at that time, played and finished. I'd prefer to do it the same way. I don't give my MSN out because of privacy reasons.

      If you want to play (I know I do) then I suggest Monday 9am my time - which should be about Sunday 8pm your time - to play.
    25. Banedon
      Like I said, I don't generally give them out online.

      I'd say Monday my time (Sunday evening your time) as the last chance to play before deadline, failing which I'll ask Kevin Garrett to give you the win.
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    Sep 22, 1991 (Age: 26)
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