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Feb 9, 2016 at 12:50 PM
Oct 19, 2007
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Sep 22, 1991 (Age: 24)



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Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, and sometimes it rains. Jul 30, 2013

Stone_Cold was last seen:
Viewing member profile Stone_Cold, Feb 9, 2016 at 12:50 PM
    1. ENZ0
      hey want to play for CAL?
    2. Banedon
      I'm not giving out my email addresses online. End of story. I'll tell Kevin Garrett you won, good luck with the rest of the tournament.
    3. Banedon
      I did my last round by agreeing a time with zdrup15. We were both there at that time, played and finished. I'd prefer to do it the same way. I don't give my MSN out because of privacy reasons.

      If you want to play (I know I do) then I suggest Monday 9am my time - which should be about Sunday 8pm your time - to play.
    4. Banedon
      Like I said, I don't generally give them out online.

      I'd say Monday my time (Sunday evening your time) as the last chance to play before deadline, failing which I'll ask Kevin Garrett to give you the win.
    5. Banedon
      Missed by a mile >_<

      I won't be able to play today, you'll be away tomorrow and so ... yeah. We're going to miss the deadline. I'll try asking Kevin Garrett for an extension.
    6. Banedon
      How about now since we're both on? I'll be on the CAP server.
    7. Banedon
      I do, but I generally don't give them out online.

      How about we arrange a time instead? I'd pick tomorrow, but after a miscommunication today I can't make tomorrow ... how about Friday at about 9am my time?
    8. Banedon
      That's not too bad, my timezone is much more compatible with American times compared to European. What times are most convenient for you? Your evening times (my morning times) is most convenient for me.
    9. Banedon
      How about next Tuesday or Wednesday (16 and 17 November)?

      I'm in GMT +8, what about you?
    10. Banedon
      Well we're matched for the next round of the UU tournament :) Best of luck.

      I won't be able to play for the rest of this week, sadly, but after that I'll message you.
    11. tobi10
      I need you to handle my bids on TU!! I am grounded for tomorrow (lol) so I would like if you can take care of that. It is ok if you cannot, but remember; it is our team ;)
    12. undisputed
      What makes you say that?
    13. ENZ0
      Lol I just got on 6:49 PM and you 6:48 PM xD, TU?
    14. ENZ0
      Yeah I'm on right now if you want to battle, but my MSN is ENZ011@live.com.
    15. ENZ0
      Yo, wanted to give my condolences for your cuz, and I hope he feels better!!!

      I'm gonna be on tomorrow from 2:45 PM till 4:15 PM (GMT -5), if you get on at this time hit me up but I completely understand when if you can't be on at the time.

      Give a notice to battle whenever! No worries BR0!
    16. ENZ0
      Hey Stone want to battle tomorrow at 3:00 PM (GMT -5)?
    17. IronBullet
      Thanks man, you did a great job hosting this!
    18. ENZ0
      k hmm tomorrow at 8 PM (GMT -5)?
    19. ENZ0
      Want to battle now or setup a day to battle?
    20. ENZ0
      Y0, want to battle now?
    21. yondie
      when did this happen
    22. Philip7086
    23. Flamewheeler
      Sorry, I meant to send out a PM or something. I have studying to do for an exam I have on tuesday. After that though, I should be pretty open. I know where to find ya. ;)
    24. IronBullet
      No problem, hope you go all the way!
    25. cim
      don't worry about it
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    Sep 22, 1991 (Age: 24)
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    Loves to eat
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