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Oct 16, 2017
Oct 19, 2007
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Sep 22, 1991 (Age: 26)



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Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, and sometimes it rains. Jul 30, 2013

Stone_Cold was last seen:
Oct 16, 2017
    1. -Tsunami-
      ya sry :<
      i didn't trash talk in spl so i figured i would do it like one time here xD
      wont do it :P
    2. -Tsunami-
      n i trash talked italy not carlo
      anyway i prob should have won that but he lucked out at the end >_< i got kind of lucky vs malekith tho so it evens out i guess
      1. Luigi
        Feb 4, 2016
    3. Alice
      i got my internet fixed, i wanna talk to you about something, hope to meet you tonight
    4. Alice
      i hope to meet you on irc tonight...
    5. JaeDohSmith
      Yo, I wanna tryout for USA East ! Thanks for the reading in advance !
    6. Professor Birch
      Professor Birch
      Hey! How do I tryout or apply for the USA East team for the World Cup? Also, what is the irc channel?
    7. Alice
      where are you?
    8. Lavos
      ah yes, the tamers have returned
    9. LUST
      wheres ma spot
    10. BKC
      pm me the expected lineup pls xD
    11. BKC
      nig try out zzdassza or w/e hes eligible for east and hes good! ill be on irc more soon i swear
    12. .Mx
      Yeah, being #1 in smogon in 2009 isn't good enough, what can I say to you? I don't have control of the people that play pkmn and their lvl, that's why I don't play here anymore.

      I like real challenges :)
      Maybe I can see you in the finals in the po wc, if your team has what it takes... ;)
    13. haunter
      I hope you're doing well too. I spent the last 2 days in the hospital trying to figure out what kind of problem I had. Fortunately it was nothing dangerous, just a particular conformation of my heart. You can never relax, in this life.
    14. haunter
      Lol Stone bro. I've thought about you in the past days, when I was forced in the hospital for some heart issues. Fortunately everything went well and I'm back to home. Reach me to Naples sometime, we'll eat a magnificent pizza :)
    15. Alice
      so you reccomend me shit w/o actually watching it? BS HAX

      also i find it funny how the psycho-pass production team completely banned any "moe" elements in it... yet Akane ended up being EXTREMELY cute *-*... but i guess it's a natural kind of cuteness rather than moe shit XD
    16. Alice
      Ep. 11 of psycho-pass... did set the bar way too high. I doubt i'm gonna see another anime as GOOD as this in a while.

      Thank you so much again for the rec, this is top-noch quality.
    17. sandshrewz
      I just met you!
    18. Lavos
      i can't believe this whole thing
    19. sandshrewz
    20. Alice
      k i'll see you tonight =)
    21. Alice

      i'm gonna spoil you attack on titan if you keep being abscent >_>
    22. Tamahome
      gonna be on for a while. tomorrow, I not gonna be as available as I am being right now.
    23. Alice
      I watched both of the series you told me about. They're pretty good, thanks.

      Haven't seen you around this week, hope you're ok
    24. Tamahome
      does now work? if not, tomorrow before tour is likely the only window of time I can guarantee I'm gonna be on.
    25. BKC
      ofc im doin wcop nig... dw!
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    Sep 22, 1991 (Age: 26)
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