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Jul 5, 2015 at 11:08 PM
Oct 19, 2007
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Sep 22, 1991 (Age: 23)



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Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, and sometimes it rains. Jul 30, 2013

Stone_Cold was last seen:
Viewing thread The World Cup of Pokémon X - Round 1 (Read Post #800), Jul 5, 2015 at 11:08 PM
    1. Stratos
      Hey Stone don't forget to face Novaray in the OMPL
    2. Hangover
      hey im your opp for the PO wcop (SasukeNF), when its better for u to play!=
    3. sirndpt
      if you read any of my animerant to eraddd after ive tried so hard not to spoiler you YOU are dead to me just sayin'
    4. Grimsly
      Oh your on now even better lol, im ready to play the randbats now if you are :)
    5. Grimsly
      Hey man :) we're up for the OM league, I'm GMT +10, so messege me the times your available the next few days, and we can arrange one :) ty!
    6. Foster
      Hey, are you gonna be around to play your POWC matches? Deadline is tomorrow. If you can come by our channel that would be great too, as we need to change the lineup a little for next week. (I'm Treecko if you didn't remember)
    7. Alice
      you mean xenoblade ;)
    8. Honor
      Hi, we have to play for the POWC (I'm ABR), my gmail: joeabr95@gmail.com, yuo can find me in the smogon's chat on mIRC with the nick JoeTD.
      gmt +1 btw
    9. Stratos
      stone cold you got picked up by the Silph Co Salamences in the other metas premier league, #silphco is the team chat
    10. Alice
      you should watch some series called "towa no quon", its format is like kara no kyoukai -short movies-, and even tho the plot seems generic at first, it gets quite interesting... i think you may like it!
    11. PK Gaming
      PK Gaming
      Aw, shame!

      I've pretty much been playing Persona exclusively for the past 2 months.

      I genuinely think that Persona 3 and Persona 4 are masterpieces, and 2 of the best RPGs i've ever laid my hands on. Ironically I haven't played 2 or 1 yet, though I plan to.
    12. PK Gaming
      PK Gaming
      RPG god S_C

      Tell me you're a huge fan of Persona

      your answer might determine how I view you from now on...
    13. DestinyUnknown
    14. sirndpt
      w h a t are/ were you doing online hahaha
    15. Jayde
      yo get on irc when you have time and message me, we need to talk
    16. sirndpt
      comp only again today btw~
    17. Alice
      Fate conspires against us...
    18. Sayonara
      I actually enjoy suspenseful and action-filled animes like Phantom lol, I also enjoy romance / slice of life / comedy animes as a side-kinda thing, when I feel like taking a break from shonens and other fighting series, it's pretty refreshing to watch some then!

      Hmm, and yeah, I kind of am a tough grader, and you seem to be one too! I'm still looking for that one series that one day I will be able to give a 10; however, I don't think any of the great animes I've seen deserve more than a 9, there's always a little something missing I find. Oh, and I set your #kawaii irc chan on auto-join, I'm always up for discussing animes, so don't hesitate to message me if you want to talk about anything haha =)

      by the way, do you think I'm a girl lol? i'm not sure after reading your last VM, but just to make sure, i'm a guy haha (despite the feminine-ness of my MAL username :P)
    19. Alice
      Hi, i suppose you're on your phone right?

      hopefully see you around on irc tonight
    20. Valentine
      im not luvdisc'in shit
    21. Sayonara
      Nodame Cantabile seems interesting, it will probably be the next anime I watch. The other titles you've mentioned all seem good too, so they are definitely animes I'll consider watching sometime soon! Thanks, and you should write more reviews lol :P

      oh and if you're curious about stuff I've seen, here's my MAL:

    22. Sayonara
      Hi, wanted to thank you for writing a review on Itazura Na Kiss, I randomly saw it, so I gave it a try and I really liked it! Have you seen any other anime like Itazura Na Kiss? :o
    23. Da Letter El
      Da Letter El
      Hi, you've been granted an extension in your round 1 match against ojama in dpp fest until thursday, 4 pm edt. Please get it done and please VM him to set up times.
    24. gr8astard
      lol hit me up with your address i'll send it once it gets here. i just wanna smell it first
    25. gr8astard
      THIS MAN
      WCOP lgi?

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