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  • Clone code is:

    94000130 FCFF0300
    5200764C 1E523308
    1200764C 0000C303
    D2000000 00000000
    94000130 FCFF0100
    5200764C 1E52C303
    1200764C 00003308
    D2000000 00000000

    Hold L while moving a pokemon in the box.
    Hmm, do you know how to RNG?
    Wanna trade, teach me how to RNG and I'll give you the code and or clone any pokes you want?

    I'm a newbie and would love to know how to RNG :(
    Thank you very much for helping me!! If you need some SoulSilver exclusives, just ask me. Also, plesae don't forget the Guardian Signs Manaphy that I requested from you, the Manaphy's non-shiny too. Thanks again!! :)
    OK, please use my SoulSilver FC on my sig. What FC should I use? :)
    Oh, please catch a male Rapidash if it's OK. ^^;
    Also, can you help me evolve my Seadra and Haunter? I'll trade them to you then when they evolve, trade them back to me. :)
    Is the Kingdra an English one? Also, can you please catch me a Rapidash on Mt. Silver grass instead, I really don't want a shiny one. I'll give you 1 credit for this. :)
    Alrighty, good luck with studying the methods of RNG, I'm sure you'll get the hang of it. Also, do you happen to have a male Kingdra, male Rapidash, and male Phanpy? I just want to borrow them for Pokedex filling purposes. :)
    You're welcome! Trust me, it's much easier RNGing on HGSS than in DPPt so maybe you should study the RNG methods of HGSS too. :)
    Here's the link to download the Pikatimer. Make sure also that Java is installed in your computer before using the Pikatimer since it is a Java program. :)
    1 credit = 1 Pokemon/Service. Also, here are some tips, if you're RNGing, I suggest you use Pikatimer, it will be much easier for you to RNG if you will use that. It's in the first page of the RNG question thread, just download it and follow the instructions; Also, if you're RNGing for Wondercards, I suggest you RNG it from your HeartGold and get the Pokemon from the Cerulean or Fuchsia City Pokemart since there are no wandering NPCs there which will ruin your frame. :)
    OK here are the details (just save it on Notepad so you can look to it once you've learned to RNG Wondercards):

    Pokemon: Manaphy (from Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs)
    Shiny: No
    Nature: Timid
    IVs: 31/31/31/30/31/31

    I want to get it as an egg if it's OK with you. I'm willing to give you 3 credits for this. :)
    Can you do a WP for me for the Manaphy Egg if it's OK after you learned to RNG for Wondercards? :)
    Not yet, I've just learned RNG breeding recently, and I'm about to do some Wondercard RNG after I received the National Pokedex on my SoulSilver. You're also planning on RNGing the Manaphy Egg from Guardian Signs too right? :)
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