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Last Activity:
May 18, 2015 at 1:40 PM
Dec 16, 2011
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Ontario, Canada


Male, from Ontario, Canada

SubwayJ was last seen:
May 18, 2015 at 1:40 PM
    1. Frosty
      I am finishing my raid with iar. You up to revive Polar Express?
    2. Birkal
      dude please order in our stuff asap ;__;
    3. tavok
      FREAKING SUB YOU ARE BACK!!! canweiucnewafcnugniwev
      Missed you a ton buddy :')
    4. S0L1D G0LD
      S0L1D G0LD
      Hey, welcome back, man.
    5. Matezoide
      Glad to see you are alive and well.
    6. tavok
      Miss you a ton Sub :( Hope we can speak again someday. Take care.
    7. Matezoide
      I miss you, buddy..
    8. Engineer Pikachu
      Engineer Pikachu
      wish I'd gotten to talk to you more :( best of luck!
    9. Frosty
      I will be waiting here for when things are good enough for you to return. Assuming you want to return by then haha.

      Good luck in future endeavors. Don't be a stranger if possible.
    10. Matezoide
      I am deeply honored, my friend. I wish you best of luck in the future.

      Thank you not only for this gift, but more importantly, for being a wonderful friend.
    11. Geodude6
      Goodbye subs :(

      Best of luck in your future endeavours.
    12. Dogfish44
      I don't know how your family life is, but what I can say is I hope it resolves well, and the best of luck =)

      1. ZhengTann
        May you be well and happy, Subs.
        Dec 11, 2014
    13. S0L1D G0LD
      S0L1D G0LD
      Everything all right with you?

      10 days is quite the while to be gone.
      1. S0L1D G0LD
        S0L1D G0LD
        Farewell, my friend. I wish you well, and hopefully our paths will cross again someday.
        Dec 15, 2014
    14. ZhengTann
      So I'm supposed to reff your Water quals finals? Alright.
      1. SubwayJ
        Apparently, according to frosty. If you don't want to I'm sure we can find a sub though. But if you're willing to do it, thanks so much!!
        Oct 15, 2014
      2. ZhengTann
        Sure, I'm alright with it, just send me the teams :)
        Oct 16, 2014
    15. Frosty
      just a fyi: I will raid with arcanite once the new stuff while you come back. After that we can resume at where we were.
      1. SubwayJ
        Are you sure you want to return to be my partner?? I've been DQed twice now (although the second isn't exactly my fault :( ) If you really want to get a new partner I'd understand
        Sep 28, 2014
      2. Frosty
        As tempting as it may be, I have invested a lot on you. If I were to get a new partner, I would have to start from scratch with artifacts on all. One person well-equiped isn't enough. Also I still don't mind teaming with you.
        Sep 28, 2014
      3. Frosty
        I need that raid just to cool my head off. After that we can resume everything. I hate wasting time and IRL is being a bitch, so I need a small break to get back on track. I want to keep raiding with you. As long as you promise to not disappear without telling me.
        Sep 28, 2014
    16. Its_A_Random
    17. Matezoide
      You are aliveeee
    18. Matezoide
      Where are you ;-;
    19. Matezoide
      If you dont come back, can i have Meloetta? wink wink
    20. Elevator Music
      Elevator Music
      hey i know you just posted an loa, but is there any way you could send in orders for your brawl vs canis? it should be the last round
    21. Dogfish44
      If you're still umming and arring, I'd like to change something very quickly in my orders (Just a sub to cover up an incredibly gaping hole), and I'll be doing so in 10 minutes unless you haven't ordered by that point (Since on IRC you seemed perfectly happy :>)

      So... fair warning ^_^
      1. Dogfish44
        And updated. Reran some damage calcs, I'd made a very embarrassing assumption that has now been calculated for.

        Toodles =)
        Aug 22, 2014
    22. ShakeN'Bake
      He, I found you on an SVeX IRC.

      I have an egg that has the shiny value 3073. Any way you could help me with hatching?

      Appreciate your time.
      (Er, I joined smogon specifically to ask this of you, so excuse me if this is not the place to ask.)
    23. Arcanite
      I've fixed the reffing.
    24. Its_A_Random
    25. Texas Cloverleaf
      Texas Cloverleaf
      Order for fucks sake. You can't John matches like this if you get gym leader
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