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Mar 11, 2012
Jan 25, 2012
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from England (Unfortunately)

SuperHydreigon was last seen:
Mar 11, 2012
    1. kapes
      yo wassup dude ? u you finish the pokes for me ?? :)
    2. Musica
      Nice game, and I hate it get troll'ed by an Umbreon everytime -___-.

      I could help you with your troubles. Your team is currently good, except that you need more prediction skills (made easier with Team Preview), a bit of coordination for your Pokemon, and more speed. Some of your Pokemon could really outspeed a Cobalion easily. You could've killed my Dusclops with another Flare Blitz though and not-toxic'ing your Darmanitan would be a pain in my part. You could've also U-Turn'ed out instead of switching out to Slowbro, Bug > Psychic, therefore, damage to Slowbro.

      A bit more prediction skills (through a lot of battles and experience), and just coordination. :)
    3. Musica
      Also in, odd that I do not see you there.
    4. Musica
      Sure thing. GL to us both. :)
    5. Musica
      Not yet, mine is 0089 4961 2551
    6. Musica
      That's good to hear! Well then, shall we battle?
    7. Alakapimp
      The best thing to do is try to find any overlap in your normal times awake. If there isn't any, someone will have to stay up later/wake up early, so that you can play.
    8. Musica
      Your last activity was on 5AM in my Timezone, I think we should ask help from Alaka*. It'll be difficult for us both. @_@
    9. Musica
      I think we have a bad time difference. My Timezone is GMT+8.
    10. Musica
      You'll be my opponent in the upcoming BW UU Tournament hosted by Alaka*. When will you be available?
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