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Last Activity:
May 19, 2016 at 12:43 AM
Aug 31, 2009
Trophy Points:
January 17
Kalos / Elder Hall


Female, from Kalos / Elder Hall

Back after a long hiatus. I blame Monster Hunter and TF2. Apr 21, 2016

SwampertGirl was last seen:
May 19, 2016 at 12:43 AM
    1. styrofoam sammich
      styrofoam sammich
      Well if you can check I'm available.
    2. styrofoam sammich
      styrofoam sammich
      Wouldn't happen to have
      DW Eevee
      DW Tentacool
      DW Bulbasaur
      DW Torchic

      would you?
    3. styrofoam sammich
      styrofoam sammich
      Yeah no problem.
    4. styrofoam sammich
    5. styrofoam sammich
      styrofoam sammich
      Gimme 2 secs on the cacturne and pineco, eggs ok on those?
    6. styrofoam sammich
      styrofoam sammich
      Not really. More interested in trading.
    7. styrofoam sammich
      styrofoam sammich
      I can help you with snorlax, pineco, castform, spoink, and cacturne
    8. Negator
      at least I am alive :P
    9. Shii
      I can trade now :<
    10. Shii
      I'm sorry for missing you! I had just got on when you quit. >.<
    11. Shii
      I always cry ;-;
    12. Shii
      Okay ;-;
    13. Shii
      Well, it isn't so much moderating than studying to take the ACT and hopefully get into the college I want. xD
      I fell asleep on IRC the other night. Sorry for missing you again, I just had a long day at work. v_v
      Anyways, the original nicknames you gave them are great, so please keep them :D
      As for Trapinch, nickname it whatever you think suits it best. I can't come up with one honestly. >.<
      I'll nickname the mons and shift them today so I should be set sometime tonight to trade. If you want to, that is. xD
    14. Xen
      If you're still in need of those 4 Pokemon cloned, I can do so if you wish? Let me know.
    15. TrainerX493
      I can clone the Pokemon for you. Just let me know which game you will be using (I'll probably be using B2) and when you want to do the trade. I can even do it for free! (though getting some of the Pokemon on my list would be nice, and that is still presuming that you haven't found someone else to do it for you to.)
    16. Shii
      I'm sorry for missing you on irc ;-;
    17. lmitchell0012
      Hey, do you mind if we just chat for a while (through VM's)?? I don't know why, but Black 2 is really irritating me. I just wanted to discuss some of the "issues" I've been having with this game.
    18. MB Espeon
      MB Espeon
      Looks like I'm looking for this spread for that roselia:
      31 / 2 / 30 / 29 / 30 / 30

      Also for an obtain date of after November 20th. Thanks again!
    19. apatiano
      hello, im interested in being your gen 5 cloner. :)
    20. MB Espeon
      MB Espeon
      You there? I can take care of the trades now.
    21. MB Espeon
      MB Espeon
      Hey again. Dunno if you're around right now (And I'm probably gonna give it the end of the hour to check, tired) but let's see what I have here...

      On Black I've got a spare DW Natu, and on Black 2 I've got a spare DW Riolu and DW Shroomish. I'd help with more but I not certain how I can manage my time for it for now. Just give whatever with a nickname in return as usual.
    22. ChaosABliss
      Hello ma'am,I'm D Dog,I'm looking for friends
    23. darksoulSP
      Hey Swampert, I'm interested in your Cherish Ball Mewtwo and Cherish Ball Keldeo. Could you please look at my thread from my signature and let me know if I can trade anything for those two? Thank you! :D
    24. go-pokemon
      can you tell me your time zone pls?
    25. go-pokemon
      hi as you saw my CMT on your thread for mewtwo you picked my naive shiny entei right?well i can only clone on 4th gen your mewtwo.is it available on 4th gen:)?
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    My Trade Thread (IRC #smogonwifi) | FC: 2105 9157 2468
    Friend Safari: Poison - Venomoth, Gloom, Toxicroak | Vivillon: Modern/Polar | SV: 34/1030
    Spy Crabs are silly.​


    January 17
    Kalos / Elder Hall
    Favorite Pokémon:
    My Characteristic:
    Often lost in thought
    DP Friend Code:
    3909 3982 5398
    PT Friend Code:
    5241 7783 2514
    HGSS Friend Code:
    4082 7686 2328
    BW Friend Code:
    5243 1205 1409
    BW2 Friend Code:
    0047 0620 1971
    3DS Friend Code:
    2105 9157 2468
    Successful SV Egg Hatches: 20
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