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Jul 31, 2011
Oct 31, 2009
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Jul 31, 2011
    1. Charmed
      Lol, I really liked your warstory. It was a hilarious read.
    2. Banryu
      ...LOL... dude. If I hadn't stalked your profile again, I never would have seen your reply. xP It helps to do so on my profile, y'know.

      Anyway, those are cool. Megasparce, Scizortar, and Weedaquil are my favorites, but I think Shandosu is the best one (and Machtrio is just LOLzy). Yeah, I used to do a bit of sprite mixing back in the 3rd gen, haven't really done any since. That's cool, though, I should make myself one for this gen as an avatar or something.
    3. Synth
      Made him myself. :D I sprite a lot and now I'm getting into 5th gen spriting. Some more of my sprites include:


      They get better and better because they are in chronological order. Like, Electripom is simple. He was my first sprite ever. My favorite has to be my Scizor + Magmortar mix. The reason some of them are odd is because these were requested by people on a forums I used to be on. Those forums are dead now, but yeah. Still spriting.
    4. Banryu
      Love Shandokusu. Looks epick.
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    My avatar says:

    Shanderaa + Ononokusu = Shandokusu

    One morphed sprite made, 1,008,954 morphed sprites to go!
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