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Oct 18, 2011
Jan 20, 2010
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RKOing Some1

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from RKOing Some1

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Oct 18, 2011
    1. RODAN
      I hear voices in my head

      they talk to me they understand
    2. afterburn
      Agreed. Orton FTW. Fuck Cena
    3. dr.shoe
      just join, everyone is welcome, lol.
    4. afterburn
      I guess I'm not the only one... ;)
    5. Erazor
      Um... you might want to explain your team in a little more detail. Not just "Waterfall is to kill things". Thanks!
    6. Setsuna
      All depends on the team they're facing. And for the last two Pokemon, the only chance of DDTar for setting up on SD Lucario/Infernape, is if you fear it's a Scarf variant and you decide to withdraw. As for DDGyarados, it has an easier time against both Lucario and Ape, since they need Stone Edge/Thunderpunch to kill off Gyarados. Whereas it doesn't face an Infernape that has previously launched a NP and proceeds to Grass Knot it, or cannot be KO'ed by Luke's Extremespeed, it pretty much set ups on them.
    7. Setsuna
      Okay... and why are you telling me all that? If you need help with something related to RMT, tell me.
    8. Setsuna
      If the Group doesn't require the approval of its Moderator, you can; otherwise you can get accepted or not.
    9. august
    10. Philip7086
      I don't think so, but I'm not a Team Rater mod, so you should ask one of them. For your reference, they are Haunter, Bloo, August, and Taylor.
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