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  • hey not sure if you still do bp's or if your an active trader at the moment. I have a BP, id like done (hg/ss) i can provide the egg move parent. If anything intrests you in my thread please let me know :)
    You know I'm not sure, go for whatever HP you want. Rock, Ground or even Ice are all good choices.
    thanks congrats on the great breed looking forward to see your stuff in the future :)
    *EDIT* That hatch location was a ? should be "Bellchime Trail".
    Just letting you know I hatched the egg non-shiny on my cart at Bellchime Train on Soul Silver.

    If you want the non-shiny version, let me know. It will NOT count as any of your credits. I'll send you a copy of it as a freebie when/if you ask for it.
    Sorry for the late responce, but imo, Lefties...It has turned 2HKO's into 3HKO's while Calm Minding, leaving a turn to either Calm Mind again, or hit your opponent with something once in Rests.

    Chesto could work just as well, I suppose, but I haven't tried it out yet.
    Thanks for the eevee skippy, i've been looking for one with good ivs to get started on breeding my vaporeon, jolteon, umbreon, and espeon lol.
    Thanks for the great Poke. I got bored and wanted to playtest it already, so I did one close to this (non-RNG), and ended up getting lucky and hit 31/*/31/30/31/* with HP Water 68. Calm mind/Psychic/Hidden Power/Rest with EVs of 252 HP/220 Def/36 SpDef...It's awsome...and I'm sure your's will be even better.

    Also, the Arceus was fodder. Do as you want with it.
    Going on wi fi now. You only need my Soul Silver f.c. for the Eevee. I forget if it's male or female without looking though. See you on shortly./
    It looks great. That will be four credits in my thread. If you want to cash in any of the credits now, I have time.

    I need the Bronzor on my Soul Silver, but most of my trade stuff is on my Platinum. VM me back if you have time to trade.
    i thought i traded you trickroom fire? thats weird well i have this regular hidden power fire one if you want it..

    hey twilight, yeah i'll pm you tomorrow when i see you on. i got that uxie unnamed and rdy to go. and sophies that'd be awesome i'll pm you when i get a chance tomorrow if i see you online to try and get it so i can start the breeding.
    for the ditto id like that bronzor you havent rng'd yet :P (i am very intrested in a bold one for my team)
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