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Aug 16, 2017 at 8:42 AM
Jul 16, 2010
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November 18


hypnotizing threat

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Aug 16, 2017 at 8:42 AM
    1. McMeghan
      Hi, i'm ready to play for the Mashup tournament. My timezone is GMT +1, when would you want to play ? (also, i'll be ready to play today in something like 20/30 minutes)
    2. Fakes
      I readed something, ok i searched tamaaa Lol so i Found a Conservation ^^
    3. girl1818
    4. girl1818
      I'm able to start from 2-5 pm central us time zone.
    5. girl1818
      hey i need so much help building a pokemon team. can u tutor me?

    6. Stone_Cold
      thanks buddy! i wanna kick iconics ass myself!
    7. Stone_Cold
      hey draco, wanna team up w/ me and ToF for the UU Olympics? You can do adv uu, we'd love to have you!
    8. Bloo
      Form a team with KG so we can beat you guys!
    9. Bloo
      Earthworm hijacked his way into our team already for ADV UU :(
    10. Fakes
      Are you Tamaaa from the PO Server ? :@
    11. Lady Kitty
      Lady Kitty
      ohh ok

      Monday to Wednesday : 15: 00 pm - 2 : 00 am
      Thursday to Friday : 17 : 30 pm - 2 : 00 am
      Weekends : All dayy

      GMT-7 Sorry
    12. Soto
      Saudades também! ^^ Mas agora sou aposentado =x e só jogarei spl/wc (se eu entrar risos) xD to no ST8 mas a situaçao ta braba, to um pouquinho inferrujado <_> po, vc só foi notar minha falta agora ='(
    13. MrHsim
      I'm online
    14. McMeghan
      Oh great.
      What about playing on Friday or Saturday (i know it's "far" but i don't have team yet in RBY and GSC).
      If you want, we can play the ADV one sooner.
    15. MrHsim
      I'm online now for 3-4 hours (10pm at my GMT)
    16. MrHsim
      Sorry man i had some work to do this week end, i couldn't connect earlier Friday. I can play every day this week at 7-10pm at my GMT (3-6 pm at your GMT, but i'm not sure). I can't connect earlier from Tuesday to Friday, so we have to wait Saturday if you want to play earlier.
    17. Saijo
      tava zuando porra hauhauua

      i mean, elogio supremo issae(=pagar pau)
    18. Saijo
      ''Halfway through last season I realized I couldn't play ADV without using Superman and then I talked to DracoMalfoy. You are seriously the best tutor Smogon has in any generation. The amount of time you've spent helping me learn ADV is astounding, I don't even know how long it's been. You've definitely made me into an ADV fan and I hope you can continue to spread that around to more people. It's a great metagame.''

      Ouvi falar que cogitaram em colocar isso na descrição de ''pagar pau'' do dicionário.
    19. Lady Kitty
      Lady Kitty
      ohh ok no problem, i have exams the monday to friday. ):

      P.D: My GMT-7
    20. Alf'
      I'm on smogon server.
    21. McMeghan
      Hi, i just remember that i'll not be at home around the time we fix'd. I talked with Darkloic, and he'll be online at the time we fix'd, if you want to play him for no team preview.
      I'll be ready to play on sunday/today's night (and my timezone is +1).

      Sorry about that, totally forgot this ^^'
    22. Alf'
      Ok perfect.
    23. Lady Kitty
      Lady Kitty
      When do we start D:?

      P.D: I will not be here this friday
    24. CriCri95
      Lol ok no problem ^^
    25. Lady Kitty
      Lady Kitty
      Hii tutor :heart:
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