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Apr 26, 2015 at 3:28 PM
Jul 16, 2010
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November 18


started with a spark

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Apr 26, 2015 at 3:28 PM
    1. Marshall.Law
      It's up to you. Like I said to you, I really prefer play Friday but we can play tomorrow around 6pm your time as well.
    2. Marshall.Law
      Are you sure you can't play friday ? Friday =/= week-end
      If you really can't, let's play on Thursday
    3. Marshall.Law
      I'm gmt + 1 and I would like to play Friday or Saturday between 9 pm and 1am in my time if it's ok with you
    4. Sayonara
      hey, do you still hang around on irc? been looking for you recently, but never found you :(
    5. Oxypad
      Yo - Thanks for the message, I appreciate it. LOL. Takes me back....years ago I would play with that team. Damn. I have found logs that people posted on the web. Good old Hariyama and GGWK is here. Yep that's me.

      Were you a regular on NetBattle?
    6. Limitless
      We'll do Friday at like 10 EST?
    7. Limitless
      I have a business meeting to go to tomorrow night. It would have to be around 10 p.m. est.
    8. -Frexa-
      I can play in 1 hour. Can you?
    9. Sayonara
      Finally got an avatar, nice!
    10. Ace Attorney
      Ace Attorney
      Nice Hisoka avatar there :]
    11. Harsha
      the problem is more that i hate focusing on laddering xD

      thanks though n_n
    12. Harsha
      oh weird, maybe i just haven't paid attention xD

      same here lol, i guess with all this time i have i might try and get voting reqs for once haha

      and thank you n_n
    13. Harsha
      malfoy! n_n

      what's up man? haven't seen you in a while :o
    14. McMeghan
      I'm down to play the DPP OU games whenever you want. My timezone is GMT +1 and I'm pretty much available everyday.
    15. FelixMinamimoto
      my sincerest apologies about making you wait. So hard to get free time these days. Where should I meet you?
    16. FelixMinamimoto
      Getting home at 9 pm my time to do a podcast for a gaming website, but can probably postpone that to get those matches done with you, unless that's too late for you.
    17. FelixMinamimoto
      I'm going to be visiting the house of a fellow Pokemon player tomorrow so I can try and play around 3 or 4 pm my time. Let's try 4 pm again. The only reason I can see that not working is if her internet is down.
    18. FelixMinamimoto
      I could probably swing tomorrow night if there is a best time that works for you. Today my plans are too uncertain to commit to anything, but tomorrow I can try and schedule around a particular time. I used to be active on those but since I've been busy IRL for a good while now I haven't been at all. If weekends are tough I could guarantee Monday at any time though.
    19. FelixMinamimoto
      Sunday, 4pm GMT-5. Does that work for you?
    20. Fakes
      you got me?
    21. FelixMinamimoto
      Y'know it'd be easier if we tried to schedule post-Christmas as pretty much everyone I need to see will be on vacation and I'll be free. Whenever works out for you, I can probably adjust to that time.
    22. FelixMinamimoto
      Sorry, been busy. Can see if I can swing Saturday (I'm busy with holiday things too, gotta see my girlfriend before she goes back to China for holidays on Saturday and gotta see my best friend in from college on Friday, dealing with family stuff Sunday +), but I can try and swing some time on Saturday beforehand. Maybe 2 pm, GMT-5?
    23. Holo386
    24. Holo386
    25. Holo386
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