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Jul 19, 2014 at 9:33 AM
Dec 11, 2006
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Jul 9, 1990 (Age: 24)


stardust infinite, 24, from play?

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once im back i do intend to show inteest in various fields of x&y and perhaps return to my old duties if possible. when? i cant say... Apr 12, 2014

Taylor was last seen:
Jul 19, 2014 at 9:33 AM
    1. Bryce
      Do you have BW2 battle videos uploaded in your youtube channel?
    2. Kidogo
      Oh sorry, forgot to explain. I was chatting with soge and he said he liked your team style and asked if I remembered what team you used vs me. I figured it was okay to tell him since SPl is an open tournament and I kinda forgot to let people know about it, since spectators are encouraged etc. you don't have to tell me if you don't want to though.
    3. Kidogo
      Hey man, do you remember what team you used for our match? I'm remembering ttar / latios / rachi / keldeo / terra, was the last landy, or tom?
    4. Taylor
      yeah lets play on vipers pit
    5. Kidogo
      Yeah, sorry about that, that probably wasn't the best time for me to suggest :(
      I can play now if you're on, other times today will work but it'll be a bit on-and-off.
    6. Kidogo
      sorry, 12 was pushing it for me but i wanted to do as early a time as possible since it would be more convenient for you, and i thought we'd be able to get it done within ~15 minutes. if you'll be up at 3 my time (11 your time i guess) that would probably be the most reliable time
    7. Kidogo
      OK, a couple options for tomorrow. I could do around 11:45ish (I have to be somewhere by 12:15) or after school, I'm done at 2:30ish tomorrow so could play by 3-3:30ish for sure. Let me know what works for you
    8. Kidogo
      hey sorry, i had class right after that and thought we could do it at 12 sharp. I might be able to do it the same time tomorrow, I'll know for sure later today. im also good for the next ~20 minutes if you're still on
    9. Ojama
      you playing today bro ?
    10. Kidogo
      Actually, I'm home sick today, so I can play in the next couple hours if that works better for you
    11. Kidogo
      Ah yeah, that is late. I have school and then rehearsal till 6, so the weekend might be the best option...if that won't work I can probably find an earlier time during the week. Would something like noon my time work Thursday maybe?
    12. Stone_Cold
      you /can't/ use genesect haha.
    13. sebixxl
      we battled on po, some minutes ago.
    14. sebixxl
      i guess this means no...
    15. Kidogo
      Hey let me know when you're good to play for SPL. Im gmt -8, free most days after 6ish
    16. Taylor
      groudons grotto?
    17. Krack
      Okay, lets play now. Where do you want to play?
    18. Krack
      Alright, Sunday around 1pm or 2pm gmt-5 would be the best time for me.
    19. Taylor
      grotto 5 mins?
    20. Masterclass
    21. Masterclass
      Ok frorget day 6 and 7 lets do it Friday? that seems like the best time for me because im free most of that day
    22. Masterclass
      I never said day 6 and 7 specifically, i just want to avoid playing in the first 3 days because i need time to prepare. I have 7 days to complete the battle. Im GMT + 3 i can play Thursday between 11pm - 1 am my time. Friday 8 pm - 12 am my time. Saturday and sunday. 8pm - 11 pm my time.

      If you can't play on those times and you have something else in mind just tell me i'll do my best to play on the times you like.
    23. HellPowna
      Marry XMAS, Father :D
    24. Lord Moet II
      Lord Moet II
      Ill be on most of today if you want to battle.
    25. Joel
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    Jul 9, 1990 (Age: 24)
    Real Name:
    sherlock bones
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    My Characteristic:
    Loves to eat
    DP Friend Code:
    3351 0604 4657


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