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  • Darn, we never are On at the same time. When do you think we can do our trade? Because I love that Ludicolo 8D
    Sorry, I've just been waiting to hear what you wanted in exchange. Were you just taking credits, or were you curious about things + going to wait?
    Semi-redis (you can trade, people who get it from you cannot). Link to post #10 in my thread for proof on your rights.

    Corphish, Elecktrike and Snubull.

    I'll be there in 5mins.
    Looks like I missed you.
    I'll be online for a bit while I'm doing homework so VM to trade.
    Thanks. Maybe I will although it'll be a few weeks before I can trade. Stupid limited wifi access right now. If you ever get that shiny mew (or any shiny mew for that matter). Let me know. That'd be awesome.
    It is divided into half-seconds. Anything that sounds weird is probably your computer lagging for a sec for some reason. That normally only happens the first time you run it and there's not really anything I can do about it as far as I know. I'm glad you hit it though. The speed is to make it easier to get the rhythm fyi.
    Haha.. sorry about that. If you like it, let me know. If not, let me know why not so I can make it better.
    Have you tried using my timer at all? I don't mean to be forcing it on anyone but when I was making it, the idea was to make things as quick and as easy as possible to hit. I incorporated the fix that I suggested to you as well as a better adjustment system. If you use the same numbers that you put in pikatimer and the delay adjustment that I added in, I'm fairly confident you'll get it in just a few tries.

    If you'd rather stick with what you know though, I understand. 'Twas just a suggestion.
    lol - I just realized your post was from like 3 weeks ago, no wonder you forgot ;O
    It's all good don't worry about it, I'm still watching the hockey game.
    Hopefully we can do it tomorrow.
    Sure I should be around while watching a hockey game so just hit me up when you come back.
    Well, I might have probably gotten it from someone else. Wanna trade for something else?
    I have some Celebis, I really dont know if we did. Do you have the Dialga?
    because I love RNG'ed Legendaries and you love my pokes xD If you can RNG a Legendary I could offer something for it :D
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