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Jan 14, 2014
Apr 11, 2009
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TehDerek was last seen:
Jan 14, 2014
    1. sophies
      I also struggle with team making I feel kinda bad just straight out copying someones team just cause its successful xD
    2. sophies
      iam so terrible at doubles so you cant be as bad as me :P so much prediction involved more so the playing other tiers I find! Good luck though hopefully youll make it further this year its always great seeing smogonees get to the top xD
    3. sophies
      HI tehderek haven't heard from you for awhile. Ive been busy with finals and school myself ^^ let me know if you still need the copy i thinks its umbreons zapdos? ;o Did you get to go to vgcs? or will you?
    4. zdrup15
      I finally submitted my team so I'm ready to battle. Do you wanna schedule for the weekend?
    5. zdrup15
      Sorry but I've been focused in SPL and now that's my main priority but I'll build a team and then PM you to do this. I'm GMT btw
    6. Joel
      I should be availadle later this evening. VM me back when you come on.
    7. TheChortler
      Oright, thanks, I'll notify you if that is the case.
    8. TheChortler
      Since my opponent in BS's tounament doesn't appear to be able to battle me and your listed as a sub, would you be able to battle me sometime tomorrow?
    9. sophies
      thankyou :)
    10. sophies
      hmm did you add this fc?
      3782 1262 5725 fourth gen
    11. sophies
      which fc do i use for you
    12. sophies
      sure ill get on soulsilver first
    13. sophies
      still intrested in our trade once you have a free moment ^^
    14. sophies
      okay i look forward to it :P ill be on most of this week the pokes are ready in fourth gen ^^
    15. sophies
      ill be on for most of today if you can trade :)
    16. sophies
      i was on vacation now iam back ill give you em on 4th gen then
    17. sophies
      ud want them on fourth gen right?
    18. sophies
      okay that fine, iam going to class now :) then i am getting on a plane so ill have to catch you when i am back so ill vm you
    19. sophies
      EDIT:still intrested xD

      hey i left a cmt for ya :) also could you vm me with what you want ? i prefer not have my thread bumped pretty busy for the next few weeks :P also what did i owe you that credit for i dont rememeber xD
    20. soul_survivor
      haha gl too. Hope the cresselia helps ^_^. Maybe we might battle each other there. Masters right?
    21. soul_survivor
      actually you dnt need to clone it. Ihave extras
    22. soul_survivor
      k copying fc. fc is in about me. see you online
    23. soul_survivor
      Yea, I just need a cloner as I don't have my AR handy. Can you clone?
    24. mixxer123
      CMT for

      #623. Golurk ★
      OT: ジャンタ | ID No.: 06171
      [IMG] [IMG]
      Nature: Brave | Ability: Iron Fist
      IVs: 31 | 31 | 31 | 3 | 31 | 0
      Moves: Shadow Punch / Hyper Beam / Gyro Ball / Hammer Arm
      Availability: Level 70 UT
    25. soul_survivor
      Ok, when will you be available. I live in U.S eastern time.
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