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Dec 21, 2014 at 3:34 PM
Aug 16, 2010
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tehy was last seen:
Dec 21, 2014 at 3:34 PM
    1. SoulSapphire
      Grats on topping the RU ladder.
    2. Ranger Mike
      Ranger Mike
      For a user named ice cream you sure are salty ._.
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      2. Cacturne
        *sigh* he doesnt get it
        Nov 12, 2014
      3. tehy
        Of course i get it...?

        I think everyone on the internet knows what salty is at this point
        Nov 13, 2014
      4. Ranger Mike
        Nov 13, 2014
    3. frenzyplant
      Some clarification on Quilladin:
      "Not sure what you mean by 'either way'." 'no matter whether Wood Hammer is neutral or not'
      "How is appreciating the spikes similar to keeping them up." The sweepers' appreciation is similar to Quilladin's appreciation (of the spikes being kept up).
      1. tehy
        Eh, the first is okay since the other's kind of implied. But, you never say/imply that quilladin appreciates spikes staying up. So yea, might wanna do that
        Oct 26, 2014
    4. NixHex
      where've you been man? i miss you
      1. tehy
        well i did enlist in the israeli army
        Sep 6, 2014
      2. NixHex
        Serve your country well. I can't imagine how it is out there, I can't imagine my country's news sources doing it justice.
        Sep 6, 2014
    5. Sturdynips
      your amchecks are really good, especially the comments. have you considered joining the GP team to save more analyses from sounding like garbage? ;o
      1. tehy
        I've been leading up to it for a while, hopefully it will happen eventually
        Sep 1, 2014
    6. Chillarmy
      ur a bish
      1. tehy
        why the hell doesn't omastar have knock off instead of triple stab
        Aug 29, 2014
      2. Chillarmy
        take that up with qc, not me

        seriously, irdc at this point
        Aug 29, 2014
    7. Aurora
      i'm glad i can tell that your avatar's written in finnish
      1. tehy
        If i ever get a postbit it'll say "We are all Tehy"
        Feb 20, 2014
    8. Jukain
      hey tehy, in your am checks, when you make comments -- put a line in-between each one. it would make them a lot easier to read!
      1. tehy
        thanks, i'll try to make sure to do that
        Jan 18, 2014
    9. New Breed
      New Breed
      I'm +11 DST, generally im good to play anytime between 12pm-1am so just let me know whats good for you
    10. Magcargo
      I'll implement your AMcheck once I return home.
      1. tehy
        Listen, that's nice of you, but generally speaking you can just implement it whenever you want, without needing to tell me. (As long as you don't take, like, a month)

        It's a nice gesture, but also a bit of an odd one, just to let you know
        Aug 9, 2013
    11. Jirachi6
      Doesn't "Sinä olet Tehy" in your avatar mean "You are Tehy"?
    12. Goddess Briyella
    13. Soul Fly
    14. Grey Knight
      Grey Knight
      Its so competitive that people forget its a game.
    15. Furai
      found it
    16. Nutrix
      Ah yeah, I just realized that. I thought he said it was ready for GP checks, not QC checks.

      Ironically, that conversation was from when I told him off for checking an analysis that hadn't passed QC.
    17. Spirit
      Yeah, no problem. Good luck once again. ^_^
    18. NixHex
      I think you are iLuvKyogre / iLuvSalamence in disguise.
    19. GatoDelFuego
      We'll be trying to keep it up, but considering we're both very busy at the current moment it's not easy. I will try my best to get another paragraph up this week
    20. Jirachee
      pc++ yere mate
    21. PK Gaming
      PK Gaming

      I do a lot of work behind the scenes.
    22. Soul Fly
      Soul Fly
      Do you know your sig describes my ladder experience almost perfectly?

    23. Jellicent
      Sorry, I've been working a ton lately (picked up 16 hours this week alone cuz we fired a guy). I'll either have off Monday or Thursday next, depending on if they need me to pick up more work.

      I will review your PMs, but if you could hold off on them for a bit, that'd be cool. I think I have 9 now, so that's plenty to look over. We should be hiring someone new in the next few days, at which point I'll be back to regular Smogon activity levels~

      I know it sucks, since Oggy is also on a mini-hiatus, but I gotta put real life ahead of Smogon. I'll check out your PMs once I have a chance, though. You haven't been forgotten :P
    24. Zebraiken
      Thanks for the concern, though! I didn't mean to be rude. :P
    25. Zebraiken
      "So... is this ready for GP, or what? I remember something weird from the last thread about this, what's up with it?"

      Did you even look at it? It's not finished. You can contact me personally if you have an issue with that, but NU C&C in general has been terribly slow and I'm currently working to improve that.
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